Friday, June 20, 2008


Since one of my goals at home is to declutter, I'm hoping that posting some images here will give some of the items in question the recognition and dignity they require before burial in the trash can. Notice the word "some." Some things, like this tulip, will never be thrown away. E. made it for me for Mother's Day and I just love it's symmetry and the pretty lilac color that didn't come out too well in the photo.


Barbee' said...

Hi, I found you on Blotanical and came over to read awhile. That onion soup looks Wonderful! I can just smell it. I love Tasha Tudor, too. I, too, did a post about her when she died. I have seen several. She touched many lives. I think mostly women.
Your nasturtium/portulaca planter is very attractive. I have put Purslane in salads.

As soon as I saw the photo, I knew what it was. French Breakfast seed pods and blooms. That is my favorite kind of radish and I have grown it a few times. This year I left 4 to let them bloom. They put on the prettiest show with all those little white blooms and the insects loved them. Now, I am letting the pods ripen to save seed for next year. This is the first time I have done that. Just wanted to see if that would work. They are tasty in salads, too.

We had four children. I saved their art work after it was taken down from pride of place by putting it in file folders and filing them away. When they had children of their own, I pulled them out and gave the folders to them. They were in that whole new wonderful stage of life with their own children and it was all interesting to them in a whole new way. We talked about the developmental stages and if the drawings had hands, fingers, etc. You know, it seemed like it wasn't that many years in between, they flew by so fast.

Enjoyed my visit.

JGH said...

Thank you, Barbee. My mother also saved a lot of my artwork and it's fun to look at now and see what themes were popular. I was obsessed with the Butterick and Simplicity pattern sketches and my brother did only race cars. My son has drawn Frankenstein about 5,341 times this year! I'll definitely save a few of them.