Monday, July 7, 2008

Rich Reds

Rose, Asiatic Lily and Monarda pictured here. My friend Paula visited today and took some Spiderwort that I dug up from a bed where it had grown too tall. She gave me some purple monarda that she said may even bloom for me this year. It's uprooted and wilting in the side bed as I write this, and I plan to put it in near this red monarda this afternoon. Paula has taken the Master Gardener course and has a huge, stunning garden at her home which I'm hoping to visit on Saturday. A couple of years ago, she gave me my lilies of the valley.


Joanne said...

How nice that you share plants from other gardens. My grandmother used to have an enormous garden, when I was a child. Wouldn't it be nice if now, in my garden, I could've grown plants and flowers from her yard.

JGH said...

Thanks, Joanne - I don't even think I have any of my grandmother's pressed flowers left anymore. But you give me an idea to visit her old house in Sandusky, OH and see what's still growing there. Gives a whole new meaning to "heirloom gardening". - JGH