Friday, August 15, 2008

Garden Blogger's Bloom Day - 8/15/08 in Nyack, NY

I must have planted 50 sunflower seeds in this little area, and only about 5 sprouted. What's cool is that they are evenly spaced around the bed and each is a different variety.

These are male flowers for "gooligan" pumpkins. The little white ones. Strictly decorative. The bees are absolutely drunk on these.

Cut back twice and on it's third bloom, a very fragrant rose that has a some mint nearby - incredibly fragrant area here!

A "star flower" marked as a "tender perennial" - nice while they last.


Carol said...

I wonder if more sunflower seeds sprouted, but then the rabbits or some other critter ate the young plants? That happens in my garden sometimes.

Thanks for joining in for bloom day.
Carol, May Dreams Gardens

Roses and stuff said...

Thanks for visting my blog! Your sunflowers are very decorative!
And the star flower is gorgeous as is your header! Very beautiful!

d. chedwick said...

I never heard of a star flower or a male gooligan-- hmmm...

Weed Whackin' Wenches said...

What wonderful sunflowers. I've been checking mine daily for the past week. They keep getting taller and taller but the buds remain firmly closed--soooooon.
Enjoyed visting your GBBD post.

Linda said...

I had some good luck with my sunflower spacing last year too. I had four at my new house, all pretty.

Thanks for your comment on my blog. I left a followup comment with more of my favourite blogs.