Monday, September 29, 2008

The Northeast Philly Patch of Green (and not so green)

The neighborhood that we visited in Northeast Philly over the weekend to register voters was full of row houses. Although most didn't have backyards, each had a small patch of yard of about 18 x 18 feet in front. It made me think about how differently I would garden if I only had a small patch like this. Would I devote it all to vegetables or include flowers? I love to eat outside in nice weather, would I be able to make room for a table? Of course I noted the differences in approach, and was amazed at the creativity.

The stone patio has it's advantages. It would certainly be low maintenance. And you could put a table on it and surround it with containers.

This homeowner put in some nice evergreens which would look pretty in the wintertime etched in snow, or covered in twinkly lights. I see their appeal.

Some opted for a lawn. This one has a lone ornament.

One parent packed their patch with toys - and a swimming pool!

Lots of these small yards were sloped. This gardener made the most of it by packing it with pretty perrennials.

Although I didn't photograph them, lots of people were growning vegetables, in and out of containers. Mostly tomatoes and peppers. One yard even had a lone pumpkin vine.

A colorful neighborhood I hope to visit again.


tut-tut said...

So many different interpretations; I think I like the toys and the garden. Although I might change my mind in the winter, when I'm sure the evergreen owner lights up!

Joanne said...

Amazing that each, in its own way, has a distinct personality.

Karen said...

Love that you are featuring the street gardens of Philly and also that you are out there beating the bushes for more Obama voters! :) Way to go!

d. chedwick said...

i'm with Tut Tut--good series of photos.