Thursday, November 13, 2008

How to Be Really Alive!

On Dlyn's blog (check out her to-die-for recipes!) today, another fun photography meme that I'm happy to be tagged for. The rules don't even require one to get out of one's seat. Just
1) Go to the 4th photo file in your computer
2) Find the 4th photo
3) Post it on your blog.
Easy huh? Go do it now!

Here's mine, which was taken in 2006 at the Tinkertown Museum, a place that we find ourselves visiting again and again, just outside of Albuquerque, New Mexico.

For those, like me, who have trouble reading the fine print, it says:

Live Juicy*Stamp Out Conformity*Dream of Gypsy Wagons*Find Snails*Making Love* Develop An Outstanding Appetite for Books*Drink Sunsets*Draw Out Your Feelings*Amuse Yourself*Stop Worrying*Be Ridiculous*Now! If Not Now, When?*Make "Yes" Your Favorite Word*Marry Yourself*Dry Your Clothes in the Sun*Eat Mangoes Naked*Keep Toys in Bath Tub*Spin Yourself Dizzy*Celebrate an Old Person*Send A Love Letter To Yourself*Be Advanced*Try Endearing*Invent New Ways to Love*Transform Negatives*Delight Someone*Allow Yourself to Feel Rich Without Money*Be Who You Truly Are and the Money Will Follow*Believe in Everything*You Are Always on the Way to a Miracle and the Miracle is You - (Sark)

Why not add your own way to feel REALLY ALIVE in the comments section!?


tut-tut said...

Do something outside your box!

Thanks for this posting idea.

Karen said...

Look up, notice your surroundings, interact with others! Oh, and smooch someone you love. :)

Joanne said...

"Don't Rush!"
To go with drink sunsets, how about "Inhale sunrises?"
"Walk. Just walk."

What a beautiful sign, thanks for sharing.

JGH said...

Tut, hope you're doing something unusual and feeling REALLY ALIVE today!

Karen, xoxo!

Joanne, all good ideas. Inhaling a sunrise is a great image for yoga class.

Mayberry said...

Sing something very loud!

Squirrel said...

Learn to dance get dressed get blessed try to be a success please her please him buy gifts ....

spookydragonfly said...

No better way to feel alive than being outside with fresh air, sunshine and feeling all of gods' wonders!

JGH said...

Mayberry, I do love to sing. I wish my family appreciated it more :-)

Squirrel, that's a Dylan lyric isn't it? Let's put them on a sign of their own!

Spooky, absolutely. And while you're out there, take pictures.