Sunday, December 21, 2008

Carol of the Bells Piano Trio

E. played this piano trio version of the Ukrainian holiday song "Carol of the Bells" with two of her classmates. The first clip is of one of the rehearsals, where you can see the fingering a little better than in the second clip, which is of their performance at the Palisades Mall on Dec. 13. The arrangement was by her music teacher Sarah Lantigua, adapted from Robert D. Vandall's.


Mayberry said...

They sound great! Was she nervous playing at the mall?

Maritza said...

Thanks for videotaping and putting the performance on your blog. O loved watching herself play! And they do sound great!

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful and exciting(and beatiful) way to express Christmas. There is no way I could keep it together and do that song with you. I'm impressed! Sorry it took me so long to send a comment. I did see it before Christmas, though.

Granpa Rosser.

Olga said...

Bravo! Evelyn is quite the talented pianist. The trio pulled together for a wonderful live performance.
Thanks for sharing, Steve!