Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Name that Theme! (and win a PRIZE!)

It’s been awhile. I’ve been looking at seed catalogs and have come up with a theme for my garden this year – but I’m not ready to tell you yet. I want you to guess after looking at my list of seeds. It's in honor of a very special famous man.

My husband and I are celebrating 20 years together this year and we would not have met if we weren’t both fans. The S. man would never have called our mutual friend Scott at Tower Records to see if the new release was available.
I never would have tagged along with Scott to watch a bootleg video of his performance in Paris at the S. man’s apartment.

Knowing that I’m expanding my vegetable garden this year hasn’t made deciding what seeds to buy any easier, only given me an excuse to order three times as much. I needed a way to focus and narrow things down.

You’ll probably be able to figure out by looking at a list of the seeds I’m planning to order.

From Johnny Seeds
Edamame – Envy
Carrots - Purple
Cucumber – Genuine
Garlic – Music
Arugula – Discovery
Lettuce – Red Rosie
Lettuce – Encore Mix
Peppers- Carmen
Peppers – Purple Flash
Pumpkin – Rock Star
Radish – Discovery
Zuke – Cashflow
Tomatos - Celebrity

From Baker Creek
Melon – Extra Long Dancing Snake
Melon – Minnesota Midget
Aster – Tower Custom Mix
Basil – Purple Ruffles,
Basil - Dark Purple Opal Basil
Tomatoes – Cherokee Purple
Tomatoes – Black Pearl Cherry
Kiwi – Hardy
Lettuce – Mascara
Peas – Little Marvel

John Scheepers Kitchen Garden
Broccoli – Super Blend
Peas – Sugar Ann
Spinach – Springer
Milkweed – Silky Mixture
Sunflower – Colorful Fantasia
Peppers – Diamond Bell

I almost forgot to tell you what the prize is! The first to answer correctly will win a copy of this new Guide to Blogging from the Huffington Post:

So, any guesses? And who was playing when you fell in love with your dear one?


Lorilee said...

Ummmm lots of purple going on! A wild guess-Prince?

Karen said...

Ah dang, I got here second. Still, I agree - Prince Rogers Nelson. Bonus points for the full name? I got it for sure after "Minnesota Midget." Looks like a fun garden. Congrats on the 20 years! We are at that milestone too, and also both love His Purple Majesty. :)

spookydragonfly said...

Congrats on twenty years! That's awesome! My hubby and I don't have that one particular song, but, he did memorize and sang Shameless to me often. Both Garth Brooks and Billy Joel did that song, I like Billys' version better. Love Prince!

LazyMom said...

You romantic woman!

I just won that book over the weekend--it is very fun and informative.

Mayberry said...

Oh, Prince, for sure! Minnesota Midget, indeed. :)

Joanne said...

I was going to say Prince with all the purple references, but then thought it was too obvious, maybe you were tricking us. Then I saw "Mascara" and thought he went heavy on the eyeliner stuff, so I decided Prince?

JGH said...

Prince it is and Lorilee you are the winner! If you will email me your address at nyackbackyard@gmail.com, I'll send it out to you!

Gawrsh, did I make it too easy??! You all guessed Prince ;-)

tina said...

I never would've guessed it. Congrats on 20 years!!!!!

Squirrel said...

we didn't have a song until we went to a concert and towards the end of one song, he leaned over and said THIS song expresses how I feel about you ... so that was a Dylan Concert in Nyc and the song was "to make you feel my love" Up til then I'd never thought about having a special song really.

Squirrel said...

need a garden helper this year?

JGH said...

Squirrel, I just got little shivers - that Dylan song is so great. When you come to help in the garden bring the CD and we'll put the speakers outside!