Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Seedling Update

The veggie seeds have arrived - at least some of them. I mark on the packet when and where (outside or inside) to plant and try to put them in chronological order.

The marigolds have not done too well, but the echinacea is popping up. A little yellowed, though. Probably not getting quite enough light. My sunniest windows are not very sunny and it's too cold to put them outside.

Here are clementine crate seedlings - known only as "Winnie the Pooh" wildflower seeds. I guess I will be surprised. (Hey what does it mean when the seedlings get leggy, skinny and then keel over?)


tina said...

You may need more light for them. I use 4 ft shop lights that cost about $10 a piece. They can be suspended from the ceiling or on a shelf (this is what I have). It works great, no legginess and stretching. Good luck with them all!

Vanillalotus said...

I like the way your label your seeds to know when to plant them. I need to do that! Now I have to go back and go through them again to see which ones to plant after this month is over.

I agree with Tina your seedling need more light. They are leggy because they are stretching for the light. Also make sure not to keep the soil to too moist or you might get dampening off. Read up on it, there are a few things that cause it.

Joanne said...

Thanks for posting the pictures, a sure sign that Spring is indeed on its way! Planting the seedlings seems like a nice way to begin the season a little early.

new york city garden said...

Leggy means too little light, they are over reaching. You may notice in the yard when sprouting plants are covered by debris (leaves, etc.)they do the very same thing. Bleached looking and "leggy."

You may be interested in a cold frame, like a cheap mini-greenhouse for starting some seeds.
Google cold-frame and you'll get lots of info.