Monday, March 9, 2009

Hook Mountain Hike

The trail to the top of Hook Mountain can be found on 9W just 1.8 miles north of Rt. 59 in Nyack. There’s a place to park your car on the east side of the road just past the 40 mph sign. If you walk just a little bit north of there, go under the power lines and look to the right, you will see this rock that tells you where the trail starts.
Then just follow the yellow marks on the trees.
It’s a good place to look at trees of all stages of life.

Don’t forget to stop for water.
Look at the moss. You’ll notice it’s different at the top.

When you reach the big rock, you’re more than half way there!

You’ll come to a “river” of rocks.
At the top, one of the best views of the Hudson Valley you’ll find anywhere. It was a little misty the day we went.

Heard at the top:

Hey, that’s the pool where I took swimming lessons that time!

What would happen if I threw my Frisbee off the cliff?

There’s a cactus up here!

Are those two people over there in love?

Let’s find a rock to sit on!

Where are all the people whose cars are parked by the road?

Could we bring Miss B. here next time?

How come it’s so muddy?

Where’s the house where that guy from U2 lives?

Hey somebody was eating chicken wings!

Did we bring any snacks?

Why do we have to be quiet??!!


(Whispering) Mom, your camera's making too much noise!


Joanne said...

Wow, what a great place for a hike. This was a nice weekend to get out and do something like that. We have a similar trail through woods here where, with markers painted on the trees along the trail. The trail makes its way past a large bog.

And now, today, as I look out the window, it's snowing again!

tina said...

Looks like a very fun hike. The kids are cute and oh yes, the conversations they have.

dennis said...

Dennis is interested in chicken wings. It's the drummer from U2 that lives there, right?

Lorilee said...

What a beautiful place for a hike! I love to explore outdoors. I love the conversations. Listening to children and teens can be so entertaining!

Karen said...

Ah, hiking with children. Hey, some pretty cool observations there, and then finally, they got it - just breathe and take in the view. Must have been springy, no coats! Looks kind Blair Witch, those woods, don't know if you could lure me out there...

Karen said...

Ah, hiking with children. Hey, some pretty cool observations there, and then finally, they got it - just breathe and take in the view. Must have been springy, no coats! Looks kind Blair Witch, those woods, don't know if you could lure me out there...

Pam J. said...

Beautiful pictures! I love that moss. Every time I throw my coffee grounds on my lawn I hope that it encourages more moss. I want a moss lawn! Although it would have to be really tough to withstand the deer traffic.

Squirrel said...

I like it up there! and the talk at the top was hilarious.
How come it's so muddy?

Anonymous said...

You are such a keen story teller. I like the descriptions and atmosphere of the whole trip. Your kids are very photogenic and your daughter is beautiful.

Hey....can you see West Point from there. Bear Mountain bridge? I've never looked at where you live and then compared it to the map of the area. Do you remember I lived at West Point for two years?

It is so beautiful up in the Hudson Valley. And hey---isn't there a house close by that was the model for the castle in The Wizard of Oz? The wicked witches castle and the monkey scene?

JGH said...

Joanne - I can't believe you are still gettting snow! Hopefully it won't stick around.

Tina - we did have fun. We haven't done many hikes, but vowed to do more of them.

Dennis, I like chicken wings too. I just heard a guy from U2 lives in Nyack. Maybe Squirrel knows...?

Lorilee, my kids were actually holding hands while walking up the mountain together! Man I wish I got a shot of that.

Karen, I'm with you. After seeing Blair Witch, the woods in the dark is totally off limits. Daytime I can handle.

Pam- didn't know that coffee grounds encourage moss. Will have to try that. I love it too.

Squirrel - I guess it's muddy cause the snow is melting. Gotta wash some sneakers now.

Anna, you might be able to see the Bear Mountain Bridge on a clear day. We'll go again and I'll make a special effort to look for it. West Point is only about 20 minutes away from here!

And I'll have to research the Wicked Witch house! I haven't heard of that one, but I do know of a house in Haverstraw that was the model for the Psycho house!

new york city garden said...

Nice hike. I am planning on a journey on the Long Path this summer. Have you been?

JGH said...

NYC Gardener - there is a Long Path that goes from Nyack Beach State Park -- is that the one you mean? I haven't been on it yet, but it's something I'd like to do. I'm wondering how my kids would do on it...

lzyjo said...

Oh WOW! That hike brings back so MANY memories. I hiked that with my class in First grade and again in maybe, eighth grade. It was harder the second time! In first grade there was a girl who I didn't get along with, she didn't like me because the way I laughed, anyway she picked up TONS of centipedes and carried them along the last bit on the trail along the river. And the PEED all over her white shirt. It was the grossest thing I had even seen. OMG!! I will never forget that. EWW!!!

JGH said...

Izyjo - I'm so glad that my post conjured up such a pleasant memory for you !! LOL!