Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Miss B's Birthday

Today is Miss B’s Birthday. She is three years old. Here are a few photos of her to honor the day.

This is a cake that I made for her (well, okay, it was really for us!) last year. It’s a frozen Pepperidge Farm boxed cake, but I was inspired by some toasted coconut colored marshmallows I saw in the grocery that reminded me of her. The eyes are made from mini chocolate chips.

These are some of Miss B’s nicknames. Do you have any goofy nicknames for your pets?

Betsy Boo
Chicken Nugget
Honey Bunches of Oats
Sweet Betsy from Pike
Ms. Mooks

No special party hats or frou-frou outfits to dress me up in today, ma?


Enjoy the day, my love!


Mayberry said...

Happy birthday Miss B.! SO cute.

Joanne said...

A day to celebrate - Happy Birthday Miss B :)

We help our cat Puddin celebrate holidays by buying her special canned cat food treats. Ready for her innovative nickname? Puddy!

tina said...

Happy Birthday Miss B!

We have a little black dachsund/chihuahua who smells. Not sure why. His name is Link, or Linky, but I usually call him stinky. Poor downtrodden dog. Our pets sometimes suffer so many indignities.

Squirrel said...

Happy Birthday Sweetie B ~

Yesterday I got tired of town and came home early to start laying out plans a big herb garden. I' m looking to plant things that other things won't nibble too much. They seem to leave some really aromatic herbs alone.

dennis said...

Dennis wishes you a Happy Birthday Sweet Betsey!

aka -- "Schnoodle-doo" "Stan Nadler" "Tennis Ball Head" "Denise" "Mr. Stinky Pants" and "Smeerlap"

dennis said...

Smeerlap is a Dutch word .

our friend Ben said...

WHAT a cutie!!! I hope Miss B enjoyed this year's birthday as much as last year's, and will have many even more priceless birthdays to come! Our Linus is sometimes Linoose, and our Athena is usually Theenlet, but Miss Molly really scores in the nickname department. A HUGE golden retriever, she's most often known as the little Mollycule, or simply The 'Cule. Unfortunately, this has spilled over onto some of our other pets, so it's not unusual to hear joyful cries of "Marleycule! Laylacule!" and etc. Oops.

Lorilee said...

Miss B. is adorable! She has lots of nicknames. My Honey just gets called Honey Pot sometimes. I gave her a much needed haircut and bath yesterday!

JGH said...

Thanks for stopping by to wish Miss B a happy birthday, guys! Special thanks to Puddy, Linky/
Stinky, Smeerlap, Linoose, Theenlet, Mollycule, Marleycule and Laylacule & Honeypot. Sloppy kisses to all of ya!

gogreen said...

i have heard of a holiday ham but

that is a birthday ham!