Monday, July 13, 2009

Matterhorn's Green Rooftops and Steps

Matterhorn Nursery, located in Spring Valley, NY is the “king” of nurseries around here. This is the place where I even like to bring my out-of-town guests -- for the plant enthusiasts at least, it's probably a better attraction than a Broadway show -- just so that they can see their incredible gardens and displays. On Saturday I visited with my friend Sonia and we saw something new.

It’s a dog house with a green rooftop! And there was an even larger shed. The rooftop modules, which I’m told are about 1.5’ square retail for about $75. The plants are varied in color – not all of them green.
We also loved this “Stepables” exhibit.

So much that we couldn't resist taking off our shoes.

Matterhorn Nursery
227 Summit Park Road
Spring Valley, NY 10977
Tel: 845 354 5986


Louise @ Buddy Garden said...

This nursery is not far from me I should go visit them some day. I love the "Stepables" exhibit, it looks like they're all Perennials, what a good idea!

Lzyjo said...

OMG! I want one! Do you think it's possible to convert stairs into little lawns? That would be so cool. I love lawn feet, but it's too nasty out here to try that. A bee stung my toe when I tried to wear flip flops!

Joanne said...

What a beautiful nursery, quite a sensory experience going on there. That has to be the fanciest dog house I've ever seen. Some lucky pooch will be happy :)

tut-tut said...

You've given me some ideas here!

did you go on a hike with Squirrel?

mayberry said...

LOVE that doghouse! How cool! I need to check out stepables for a really shady area we have - grass just can NOT grow there and it's time to give up and try something else.

tina said...

Too funny on taking off your shoes. The stairs sure do look 'steppable'.

Anonymous said...

I want to be an out of town guest at your house. I'll even stay in that cool dog house. Love the steppables step display.

Frances said...

I am in love with those green roofs, and BTW, someone has some pretty nice legs and feet too! HA My little 8 x 8 shed with the small pitch to the roof could have one of those green roofs, methinks. Thanks for the idea, and what a wonderful place to take garden loving visitors too. :-)

Anonymous said...

I was at Martterhorn last week and paused to look at their funny looking green rooftops sheds! So glad you did a piece on it and took these great pix!
Jen, I swear I'm not stalking you... but it seems we always end up in the same places!
PS: I agree with Frances about your feet & legs... :)

JGH said...

Hahaha - wish I could take credit, but those are my friend Sonia's legs.

Mine are a little lumpier ;-)