Thursday, August 13, 2009

GBBD - August in Nyack, NY

GBBD stands for "Garden Blogger's Bloom Day." It's held on the 15th of every month.

I've neglected the flowers a bit this year because I was preoccupied with the new vegetable garden. There's a little patch that I let grow wild in the backyard - even let the weeds enjoy themselves there. I've been trying to plant bee and butterfly friendly plants and natives in that sunny spot, but I still have some work to do there.

First, here are a few shots from the school garden:

On my deck there are some mixed containers. Here is some echinacea, oxalis and anise hyssop.

I think this sunflower is called "Strawberry Blonde."

This is a new variety of petunia that I purchased at Matterhorn nursery.

The chinese lanterns are already producing big orange glowing globs.

First annual planted and still going strong.

Liatrus in the front bed:

Sweet potato flowers. I hope I get a few tubers!
Another sunflower.

Morning Glory teepee.

Shasta daisy, rose and hydrangea still showing themselves in front here and there.

Anyone know the name of this lily?

Got a bloom or two to display? Head over to Carol's May Dreams Gardens and join people from around the world who are sharing their flowers today!


Debbie said...

Happy Bloom Day! Your garden looks lovely and I can hardly believe you still have pansies looking so fresh and perky. Mine got so leggy I ripped them out of the window box weeks ago.

Pam/Digging said...

You've got so many pretty flowers this Bloom Day. I am astonished to see a viola (or it that a pansy?) in August! Wow, it really must be a cool summer for you guys.

Commonweeder said...

You've got wonderful flowers. And I wish I had a morning glory tee pee. Somehow I didn't plant a single morning glory this year. That must be rectified in 2010.

Anonymous said...

Jen, your garden reminds me of an English country cottage garden... It's absolutely lovely!
I'd love to find out what bee and butterfly plants you'll be planting and what has been successful for you.
I always feel sad in August because my garden is truly winding down - there are so many signs of it and I'm never ready for fall - this year even less than usual!
But your garden on the other hand is looking not one little bit like it's winding down - just gorgeous!
Tank you for the inspiration.

Carol said...

I do not know the name of that daylily but I have it too. Lovely blooms ... I love the cheery tall Rudbeckia ... I think it is called. Great school garden and I scrolled through some other posts and love the one on your friends garden... who may be feeding the town by now.

Linda said...

Thanks for the reminder on what day this falls.

Curmudgeon said...

What a fun day lily! Happy GBBD!

Anonymous said...

Bravo on your morning glory tripod. Your blooms look nice and I know it was worth it to pay attention to the vege beds. You do love to cook fresh things. That may be your passion from here on out.

Sylvana said...

I love those sweet potato flowers! I sit a special variety, or just your average, store variety? I want to grow those next year.