Sunday, August 9, 2009

Salade Tomate

This past week brought my first full-size (that is, not cherry) tomatoes! The first one harvested was a Jet Star, closely followed by two Celebrities and then another Jet Star and a Vintage Wine. Isn't the vintage wine pretty on the outside?

Here's what it looks like inside.
I usually get a handful of tiny cherries, too.

My Grandma Lucy who lived in Sandusky Ohio, where they grow gorgeous tomatoes, made an delicious tomato sandwich: Two slices of wheat toast, I tsp of mayo, sliced tomato, Lowry’s Seasoned Salt. Awesome!

Another thing I like to do with fresh tomatoes is make Salade Tomate: combine 4 chopped tomatoes, 4 hard boiled eggs, ¼ cup of parsely or whatever herbs you like, juice of one lemon, salt & pepper to taste.

Can you guess what the most delicious part of this salad is?

That’s right – the juice. Use a slice of Italian bread to scoop it up.

Last night I had a nightmare that my tomato plants turned black with late blight overnight. It’s probably not so far out of the realm of possibility - I find a few blighty leaves and pinch them off every day. Part of my dailly harvest.


our friend Ben said...

Yum, Jen, thanks for the tomato recipes! I'll have to try them both now that we're getting bigger tomatoes here...

tina said...

Yum! That orange tomato is almost too pretty to eat!

Lorilee said...

YUMMY! I love tomatoes. The Vintage Wine is beautiful. Tomato season is long past here--too hot and dry!

Anonymous said...

Jen! You lucky woman... I so wish I could grow my own tomatoes. So glad yours didn't get the blight yet... If they didn't get it by now you'll be ok... But I understand your nightmare...
One more thing I agree with you: the juice left at the bottom of the salad bowl is always the best part!
Ah... I'm off making a tomato salad!

tut-tut said...

We're getting lots of tomatoes now, too. Those cherries are so sweet, aren't they? I'm so glad we opted for the veg patch at the community garden. I really haven't had to buy any since we started getting a yield. And we have refrigerator pickles, a definite bonus.

June said...

Oh, you fortunate soul! Those are beauties, and the salade! It's similar to something I do, and I have been dreaming about it. NO ripe slicers yet and barely any cherries. I, too, have been having actual dreams about late blight. I woke from one in which I was saying, "Call 9-1-1, there's blight on the tomatoes." Which is kind of funny -- except that the situation is dire. The devastation is widespread.

Thanks for sharing those lovely lovely delicious photos!

Gail said...

A beautiful tomato inside and out! I might have to find a sunny spot for a few tomato plants next year. gail

Linda said...

I wouldn't have thought to make a salad like that. But looking at the photo, it looks so delicious.

JGH said...

Ben, I've gotten so many great recipes from you - glad I could provide one for you this time!

Tina, I know- I think I'm only getting two more, though.

Lorilee,that's too bad. It's a little later here this year than usual, though.

Viviane - I'm very worried about blight. I hope you're right and none so far means I'm out of the woods.

Tut, isn't it nice not to have to buy produce? I think broccoli is the only thing I've purchased lately - didn't get any in the garden.

June, LOL about the late blight 911 call. If only the paramedics could help!

Gail, I don't think I have the ideal sun situation, so I feel lucky to have a few.

Linda, thanks. You have such terrific recipes on your blog. I've gotten many good ideas there.

Louise @ Buddy Garden said...

Jen, the vintage wine tomato is very pretty, does it taste as good as it looks? I had my first harvest of eggplants and tomatoes this past week, two weeks later than last year. I'm just glad I have a harvest this year despite the rain!

JGH said...

Louise, the rain has definitely taken it's toll between the blight and the cooler temperatures. Things just don't seem to be flowering as much here, either.