Monday, October 5, 2009

Mysterious Black Horned Spider

Update as of 10/06/09 - Thanks to Pam at Hook Mountain Growers, who suggested I check with the site, we've identifed this as a Spined Micrathena spider (micrathena gracilis). I think I'll call her "Athena Grace." She eats her web every night then builds it again the next day! That is really a terrific site if you're looking to identify any creepy crawlies.

It was tough to get a good shot of this spider, who's been spinning away in the bed in my side yard for the past week. Anybody know what she is?

She's about a centimeter in lenth and has a huge black abdomen with light yellow markings and horns on the front of it.

In this shot, you can see her underside, which is cone-shaped and ridged.

I've tried googling "black horned spider" but didn't find much, so if anyone knows her identity - or of a good site for identifying spiders, please pass it on!


Anonymous said...

We're going to call it the Nyack spider. Congrats ;)

Joanne said...

Oh, I hope it stays in Nyack ;)

Talon said...

I wish I could help you. That is one seriously strange looking creature!

PamHMG said...

Hmmm, I'd consult the website Are you sure it's an arachnid?

JGH said...

I have an identity! Will revise this post with an update.

our friend Ben said...

Talk about one ugly bug (uh, arachnid)! Thanks for sharing the great bug ID website; I know I'll be using it! And btw, that photo of the Chinese lantern is spectacular.