Friday, October 9, 2009

Salinger's Orchard

This orchard is about an hour away in Dutchess county, so it's literally over the river and through the woods. My husband used to go here with his family when he was a little kid - we met his sister and the Brooklyn clan there.

Plan to go with an appetite. They're famous for their apple cider donuts and you can watch them being made.

If you're one of the rare people that don't like fresh hot donuts covered in sugar and cinnamon, other treats are available - all baked on-site.

It was hard to choose from all the honeys but I ended up with some buckwheat.
It's so dark it looks like molasses.

You can shop for apples,

and decor like wreaths and birdhouses.

Check out the beehive right there inside.

The kids were amazed that the hive was open and the bees were free to leave at will. Can you find the queen?

Everybody pick a pumpkin.

Don't you love it when you visit a place after many years that's just like you remember it?

Salinger's Orchard
230 Guinea Road

Brewster, NY 10509



Kitt said...

What a fun and delicious visit! And I appreciate the bees, of course.

azplantlady said...

What a fun place to visit. My mouth is water for donuts, apple cider, scones....I had better go eat some lunch.

Anonymous said...

Mmmm, cider donuts. There is a place about 20 miles from us that makes those. Maybe this weekend!
- Susan M.

tina said...

What a fun day! And sorry for my waistline I am one of the folks who likes hot fresh donuts covered with sugar but you only live once so I say enjoy.

Lzyjo said...

Looks like a wonderful place! I LONG for cider doughnuts!! AND New York apples. MMMMM!!!

our friend Ben said...

Oh, yum, apple cider doughnuts! Buckwheat honey! APPLES!!!! Now I'm really drooling. What a fun outing!

Wendy McDonagh-Valentine said...

Hi there. Thank you so much for visiting my blog!! It's so nice to visit a blog that belongs to someone who practically lives in my back yard!! I loved reading some of your past posts and knowing exactly where it was that you were talking about (Hook Mountain, Sterling Forest, etc.). Have a wonderful weekend. : )

~ Wendy

Talon said...

What great photographs. I felt like I was with you. That is the absolute best - when you go somewhere you love and everything is just like you remember it. Now I'm craving an apple cider donut! Yummy!

Anonymous said...

I understand that buckwheat honey has a very strong flavor -let me know how you like it. And the observation hive is cool, isn't it.

We have a couple of similar places here in Central IL - can't leave without apple butter and some pumpkins.


brigit said...

I've never heard of apple cider donuts. That place looks sooooo good. And the bee hive!!!! Wow! I feel like a kid again. I wanna go there!

Joanne said...

Okay, sign me up for one of those donuts! What a treasure that place looks like. The beach we go to in the summer is the same way ... nothing's changed there in all my life, the same charming cottages, the boardwalk, the raft. It's so comforting to depend on that sameness.

Lorilee said...

I wish I lived close enough to visit! Apple Cider doughnuts sound wonderful!

Pam J. said...

Nice trip and photos! I went to a honeybee demonstration/lecture. Are you at all tempted to try beekeeping? I am...

Gail said...

I want to go visit Salinger's, too! It sounds like home to me...When I was in college we went to the university's farm site and picked apples and bought fresh cider. They didn't have the donuts, though...You had my mouth watering just imagining the taste. Yummy! gail

Anonymous said...

Oh, I love fresh donuts, the only kind I will spend the calories on! What a fun place, that honey must be the best. Interesting about those free range bees too. A great family outing, cute kids! :-)

tut-tut said...

Fun times for kids; what is it about an orchard? I remember one in Worthington, MA, that was just stupendous.

I wish I lived nearer to you; just splurged on the new Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall book from Amazon UK. Would love to share it!

Anonymous said...

There really isn't anything like Autumn and visiting places like this I agree. And so true that it is more special when it stays the same.

How very interesting that the hive is right in that glass case to be inspected by all.

Oh man--I love fresh honey! I am so spoiled by it that the store bought taste flat. Do you know what I mean. And the color of store bought doesn't compare to the fresh. Fresh has clarity. I like sorghum best.

Karen said...

Hey, sorry to have been absent awhile. What a cool farm visit! I try not to indulge in donuts too often but for those, I would definitely make an exception. Mmmm. What were those wacky silvery things hanging from the ceiling? Spray-painted gourds? I might have had to get one of those too. The indoor bee colony is just the nuttiest thing I've ever heard. Glad nobody got stung. Your kids are +++adorable.+++

JGH said...

Kitt, the bees were really fascinating - we spent a long time looking at them.

AZ, hope you got a better lunch than I did that day.

Susan, I know lots of areas have a place like this. Hope you get to visit yours!

Tina, those donuts are so dangerous. I could have eaten a dozen.

Lzyjo, you can't get this stuff in Tennessee? Dang, girl!

Ben, I haven't tried the honey yet. Anxious to see what it tastes like.

Wendy, looking forward to following your blog!

Talon, so many places (like my childhood home on Clearwater Beach, FL) have changed so much. It's nice to see that some retain their old-fashioned charm.

Wendy, I've learned so much about bees from you - it makes them more interesting.

Bridget, the donuts don't really have much of an apple flavor but they're soft and cakey - extra decadent when hot.

Joanne, the way you've described your summer cottage - yep, it's one of those charmed places.

Lorilee - I'll trade you some cider donuts for some clogging classes.

Pam, I do want to try beekeeping. In someone elses yard though!

JGH said...

Gail, sounds like a good diet for a college student :-)

Frances, if only they had a few more beautiful plants - I should send them to your blog.

Ooooh, Tut!! What is fair Hugh writing about now???

Anna, honey is attracting epicures the way wine does now.

Karen, yes those are painted gourds. I may have to try to make one like those.