Friday, November 13, 2009

Marketing, Monetizing and Mr. Clean

The Lazy Mom, who writes about parenting in a way nobody else can (or should), has a new blog The Mommington Post, her "opinion on Mom blogs, parenting, surviving the suburbs and other random rants." This week she put up my guest post about why I'm not monetizing.   Do you have ads on your blog? or conduct product reviews?  Do you like blogs that do?  Why or why not?  Lazy Mom wants to know.  (And while you're over there, please remind her that she is supposed to do a guest post about chickens for me.  We're waiting, Lazy!)


our friend Ben said...

Obviously, we don't have ads or any other distractions over at Poor Richard's Almanac, Jen! I'm not against them if they're actually useful (just yesterday, someone embedded a link to Amazon in a post for a book they thought was great, which I thought was actually hugely helpful), but I hate ads for disgusting, off-topic stuff and I really hate pop-ups. And, belated (AND off-topic) though it is, it occurs to me that I've never told you how much I love your postcard-style header. I think it's my favorite header of all time!

Joanne said...

No ads on my blog. They're distracting, and I think the blog loses some integrity when $$ is brought onto it. I do feature the occasional author post on a blog tour, as a way to support fellow writers. Their posts offer some insight into the creative life to my readers, too, so are in line with what my blog is about. But I vote No for monetizing.

Ronda Laveen said...

Chickens? Can't wait to read that! I do monetize just because I didn't really know what it was when I set up my blog a few months back. Doesn't seem to make any $ though.

LazyMom said...

bock, bock, bock...I am working on poor little Mac died. I am overcome with grief.

k said...

I'm on Wordpress. They asked a while back if I would allow ads to show up. I said sure, because I like being able to just post and not think about all the technical stuff, and they should be able to fund the process that makes it possible. I guess that's not monetizing, at least not for me. I would rather support independent booksellers, so I don't have that link to Amazon, either.

Talon said...

I'm not a fan of ads on blogs. I guess it depends on what the blogger's objective is.

I would be curious to know if anyone (outside of the blogs getting hundreds or thousands of hits a day) makes any money at all.

We're so bombarded with advertising that I think I'm becoming immune to it :)

Wendy McDonagh-Valentine said...

Thank you for my book and for having it signed for me. It's very special. : ) I'm going to go check out the new blog now. Sounds very interesting!!

~ Wendy

JGH said...

Ben, I really can't imagine ads on the Almanac - are they in the farmer's almanac (trying to remember)? It's really not hard to find a book on Amazon if you know the title, but links to the author's website are always great too. and glad you like the postcard. I may switch the photos out soon.

Joanne, you seem to have such a good amount of traffic and so many loyal readers. I bet real estate on your blog would be pretty valuable. I really enjoy your author posts, BTW.

Ronda, do let us know when you see a profit and how much it is. I'm really curious to know!

LazyMom, sorry to hear about your mac. Did the coyotes get it?

k, good point about the independent booksellers!

Talon, I'm curious too. I used to follow that blog Problogger where things like this were discussed. I should probably re-sub to it.

Wendy, hope you like the book. He was a very inspiring speaker - even if it was a somewhat depressing topic.