Monday, January 4, 2010

Starry Eyed Resolution

This time of year, there are lots of “the year’s 10 best” articles published everywhere. One of those I just read is about the years worst ads, so of course I started thinking about my very favorite ads and why to be like the woman in this ad is my New Year’s Resolution. If you watch “American Idol” you have probaby seen this ad a gazillion times. I have too, and I think I could watch it a gazillion more.

I mean, can you blame me?

Long, blond straight hair.

Slim.  And braless. 

Can not only remain upright, but dance on skates to groovy music.

On the beach!

With a special guy who will not only get up on skates but will twirl her around on them.

All food provided by snack bar. (If in doubt, just look for the FOOD sign.)

Virtuously drinking diet coke without gagging.

The sky “sparkles” and swirls but nothing creepy or scary happens.

I mean, this is THE LIFE.

Okay, I guess I should come up with a few that are more realistic. Does writing down your resolutions make them stickier? I’ll have to check with the Proud Procrastinator about that.

Here’s a start:

Keep my desk and email box cleaner.

Find a dance class at a convenient time and go to it regularly.

Take vitamins and eat less meat and more veggies (homegrown whenever possible). There are more garden resolutions but that's another post for another day.

Express more appreciation toward those I love.

Be grateful for my many blessings, even though they are so very far removed from those of that girl on rollerskates.

A Happy 2010 to all!

(and best of luck with your resolutions!)


Ronda Laveen said...

That dance class soinds like so much fun! Great idea!

Karen said...

I think you are sparklier than any corporate shill could ever be. Her hair looks way fake, too. I am pretty immune to ads, also not great at sticking to resolutions, but yours seem worthy. Curious to know more about your set for the garden! I made some kind of random goals for 2010, including "spend more time with my parents" and "grow a decent-looking/tasting carrot"!

Patti Lacy said...

Love your "start-up" on 2010.
Blessings to you--and this blog!!!


Talon said...

Life would be so perfect if we could all live in ads. Of course, they would also be short, but they'd be perfectly short - lol!

Happy New Year, JGH! The dance thing is fun - I've been doing some dance stuff for the last year and it's so fun and really doesn't feel like exercise at all. Make the time - you won't regret it and it will give you more energy for all your gardening plans :)

tina said...

All very worthy resolutions! Good luck keeping them. I never can keep mine but have made a few similar ones. Happy New Year!

Anonymous said...

I think you could do the vitamins with little effort. We take two flintstones with calcium every single day, chewable not gummy, (Gross!). I had never seen that ad, but don't watch AI so there you go. It did look like a carefree life. I was amazed at her skating ability while holding a beverage can, and assuming none was spilled. Have the best year ever in 2010! :-)

Skeeter said...

Happy New Year! I only wish drinking diet coke would make me have a little of that energy , the bod, the hot guy, etc. Funny thing, I have been drinking diet coke for years and cant skate worth a darn much less have that body. lol.... No resolutions made by me this year. My past 5 years resolution of getting the address/phone book cleaned up finally was fulfilled last year. I dont know what to resolute for this year now that, that one is finally gone... lol

The Eagle pics are awesome!

VE said...

My resolution is to live far so good...

Anonymous said...

what kind of dance class???? I want to go to a dance class too.