Sunday, April 11, 2010

Miss B. Gets Married

This photo was taken by my talented photographer friend Squirrel- of the Nyack Snap blog
It's our favorite of the day. 

I know people who are absolutely horrified by the idea of dressing up a dog.  Surely this photo proves that there was no pain or loss of dignity involved, but if you are one of those friends and you are reading this, you may not want to proceed.  Just a warning ;-) 
I should also employ the following disclaimer: this was not my idea. It was totally planned and executed by the E. girl and her friend V. with some help from their middle school English class. It was weeks in the making.

Thankfully, the weather cooperated, and the Nyack Memorial Park gazebo was available. 

While the girls set up, the couple enjoyed a quiet moment of contemplation. 

Then the guests arrived....
Oso and Lucy


and Coco.
I didn't get a photo of the handsome cockapoo Elgin.  Despite his late arrival, he was quite a social hit.

The bridesmaids helped Miss B. primp.  And prepared the aisle with a sprinkling of flower petals.

"Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today ......what comes next???"

"Ok, you may lick the bride!"

"Announcing Mr. and Mrs. Chip!"

Cupcakes, rawhide and doggie champagne were among the reception treats.

It's been decided that the bride and groom will maintain separate residences.  Why mess up a good thing with cohabitation?  Also, to quell any rumors that it was a "shotgun" wedding, both the bride and groom have been "fixed."  Sorry to disappoint, but no puppies will be available.

Many thanks to the wedding planners!   And wishing the Bride and Groom many years of happiness together.


Lzyjo said...

AWWW! (squeak)Congrats to Miss B. They made such a lovely couple.

TALON said...

Awwww! Mr. and Mrs. Chip are the most adorable couple! How cute was this!

(and I can't help but wonder if "doggie champagne" is toilet water - lol)

AshKuku said...

HOW adorable???? I loved them ...they look so so cute..... With all my wishes to them..... Enjoy!!!!


Ronda Laveen said...

That was just about the cutest doggone thing I've seen lately. Complete with rose petals, guests and doggie Champagne.

The bride was lovely. Give the lucky couple my hearty congratulations.

Tell me, did the two-legged guests like the rawhide chips? I'm planning a party and...

tina said...

Too cute!

patti said...

I must say, you took me to ANOTHER PLACE and got a belly laugh outta a stressed writer.

Bless you!

mayberry said...

That is fantastic! Just yesterday my 5-yr-old was trying to convince his playdate guest that the guest was going to a wedding. The friend kept insisting that he was a "worker" instead. Now I know - he should have concentrated his efforts on our dog instead!

our friend Ben said...

Ha, this is too classic, Jen! And as you say, Miss B. managed to look cheerful and enthusiastic throughout. Wonder how many human brides manage that at their own weddings?! I can just picture the wedding service now: "Today's reading shall be taken from the Monks of New Skete's 'Divine Canine', Chapter 2, Verse 7... "

PamHMG said...

You know, my little Henry Hudson could have been a good mate for Miss B. Maybe if there's a divorce.....

Pam J. said...

Too sweet! Congratulations to all.

JGH said...

Sorry! It wasn't doggie champagne -- it was doggie beer! Contributed by our friend Gail. I do wonder if Miss B's smiling muscles got tired.

The treat favorite around here seems to be the dried chicken strips. We go thru a big bag of these every few weeks!

Pam, I'll be sure to notify you and Henry H. if there seems to be trouble in paradise.

I Wonder Wye said...

Too cute! When are the pups due??