Sunday, May 16, 2010

GBBD: May 2010 in Nyack, NY

Garden Blogger's Bloom Day is on the 15th of every month. The bloggers come from around the world to Carol's May Dreams Gardens blog and post links to their photos.   Yesterday was such a gorgeous day. Breezy, sunny and not too hot -- perfect for spring planting. It was also our "last frost date" for this zone. Even more perfect! Needless to say I did not want to spend my day at the computer, even doing something as fun as composing a bloom day post. I did take a few photos, though.

This pansy (viola x wittrockiana) was a sidewalk impulse purchase.  It's planted near my front steps.

A common name for the rhododendron is "swamp azalea."

The allium are back.  I just planted this pink clary sage (salvia sclarea) from Bumps & Co. in the middle of it.  I like the way they look together.

Not as many forget-me-nots (myosotis sylvatica) popped up as I'd hoped, so I'll be sowing more seeds soon. 
First sugar snap peas expected any day now.           

I don't remember sowing any poppy (papaver) seeds.  If I did it was a couple of years ago!  Suddenly they've popped up in three different locations in three different colors.  I'm relieved to know that I don't have a poppy handicap afterall.

These blue cornflowers (centaurea) are welcoming the bees.
The peonies haven't even bloomed yet and they're already nodding over. It took them a long time to bloom after planting, but now I've got up to six buds per stalk. I need to figure out how I'm going to stake them.

In our school courtyard, there are a few of coloumbine (aquilegia) combos:  purple and yellow, pink and white and orange and yellow.

The false indigo (baptisia) attracts lots of attention. It was cut back hard last fall, but is forming gorgeous mounds around the pond,.

Iris sanguinea

The scotch boom (cytisus scoparius)  is at it's peak - in two colors.

These buttercups (ranunculus) are a little much.  But nobody dislikes them enough to pull them out.

What's blooming where you are today?


Jingle said...

There is nothing more pleasant than walking into a nature garden in your post today, absolutely beautiful!

Happy Sunday!
You Deserve Happiness!

Joanne said...

Beautiful flowers, I love that purple iris at the school. You're right, yesterday's weather was just perfect, and so I planted my Jet Star tomatoes, a few lettuce varieties, eggplant, peppers and we're trying red onion this year. Remember last year's soggy July? I'm so hoping for a warm, sunny summer ahead of us :)

tina said...

Very pretty blooms. The viola is such a sweet sight.

Ronda Laveen said...

Seeing those Columbines made me realize that mine have died out...and I miss them.

Gail said...

Very nice~I especially like the iris....I would have bought that viola, too. gail

TALON said...

Gorgeous, JGH! I especially love the poppies - so dainty and delicate. It was cool yesterday, but today was definitely a beautiful one for spending time in the garden. Our columbine just started blooming and the bleeding heart is magnificent right now. The daylillies are budding and the phlox are looking great. I love watching the garden come back to life. It's one of the most fun ways to spend a day.

AshKuku said...

Lovely blooms deary..... I loved the false indigo.... They look cute like tiny tots..... U rock deary!!!! with all the freshness around, u must be feeling very cheerful...always.... :-)


dennis said...

Dennis has a bouquet here... Dennis loves to sniff flowers.

Erin Frost said...


Here in central Illinois, I'm most excited for my foxgloves to bloom ... first year I've had them!

Carol said...

Beautiful colors! I love the Alliums with the Sage too... and how yummy your peas will be. I use old bamboo stalks to support my peonies. Real bamboo not the false ones that take over every where.

k said...

You were right about the clary sage and allium!
We are nowhere near our last frost date. The lilacs are still closed tight, and the ash tree are just thinking about leafing out. We're going to get a hard frost again, but I couldn't wait, and put a few things out. I have plenty of things to cover with.