Saturday, September 4, 2010

Mora and More Fun in New Mexico

We take trips to New Mexico at least every couple of years to visit my husband’s dad. He lives in Tecolote, near Las Vegas, about halfway between Santa Fe and Taos. The Brooklyn Clan was visiting too, and our visits overlapped by a couple of days.  This year we stayed pretty close to home, but took several day trips. We also had a nice afternoon and dinner in Santa Fe and even went to a Drive-In Movie!

We’d been to the Montezuma Hot Springs before, but this is the first time we went in the cold river, following our dip in the 113-116 degree water. One of the springs is called “The Lobster Pot.”   The springs are maintained by the United World College nearby.

In Mora, at the Victory Alpaca Ranch, we had an excellent guide named Brian who, after giving us a brief history of alpacadom, allowed C and I to feed them. Each had distinctive features and character and I fell in love with their sweet faces and big eyes. There were some babies there that were born that same day!

The Great Pyrenees guard dogs are an essential part of this ranch.  They're renowned for their innate ability to determine friend from foe and keep the alpaca safe from coyotes, cougars and other intruders.

Unfortunately every time I’ve been in NM, the raspberries have never been ripe for picking at the Salman Raspberry Ranch. We satisfied ourselves with lunch in their cafe, and walking in their beautiful gardens, which are cultivated in a historic site, an old corral, with a mission church nearby.

Villanueva State Park was sunny and quiet.  The kids call the Pecos River “the chocolate river.” It’s fun to climb out, walk up river a few paces, and ride the current back to home base.

We were improperly clad in flip flops, but also took a short hike over the footbridge and along the path to the canyon.
Despite the many attractions, it's hard to compete with the awesome fun that can be had back at Grandpa’s ranch: fishing, swimming, the trampoline, riding in the back of Lupe's truck, bike rides, huevos rancheros and gorgeous sunsets….

The kids and their cousins with Grandpa..

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Patti Lacy said...

Oh, I LOVE the Land of Enchantment.
SUCH beauty...and such wonderful diversity.

LOVE your photos, too.

Malay-Kadazan girl said...

Wonderful place. The kids are having a grand time. I love to dip in river than the sea during heat waves because there are many trees for shade.

mayberry said...

Wow--LOVE! Especially that brown and white alpaca. I'd like one for my backyard now. My neighbors would love it!

Pam J. said...

Great travelogue and photos! One of those times that all those kids (and you) will remember forever. Why ARE certain animals -- alpacas -- so adorable?? Who decided that they are adorable? Can you imagine anyone seeing an alpaca and saying "yikes that's an ugly face"? No.

That's a beautiful picture of the canyon also.

Nancy said...

I used to hang out in NM a bit for work on and off. It's unique -- his neck of the woods sounds scenic!

Anonymous said...

I want an alpaca, too! Wonder if they get lonely if you keep just one, though.- jgh

Lorilee said...

Looks like lots of fun to me.

tina said...

What a fun trip! I've never been to New Mexico so I think it is so great when others can travel to these neat places. That water sounds very hot. I bet it felt good though. Was the outside temp hot too or cool? I can imagine it would feel like a hot tub. The alpacas are cute but those pyrenees adorable!

tut-tut said...

wow! lots going on. We used to have (when I was a child) a Great Pyrenees names Elmer. I hope to see you and another Nyacker this fall . . .

dennis said...

Dennis says what aheavenly vacation! And dennis completely forget to ask you about it today (while he was dusting behind furniture)