Thursday, March 31, 2011

A New Fowl Friend

We woke up to this gorgeous face on our doorstep the other day.

It's a wild male turkey Meleagris gallopavo or "gobbler" that emerged from the woods all by himself, which is unusual.  They're usually in flocks when seen around here, but will separate from their flock during mating season to reduce competition.  Female turkeys are usually duller brown, and don't have beards (the protruding feather on the front of the breast). 

He seems to have adopted us -- at least for now.  I named him Jacques, after Jacques Pepin.   He makes noise too.  Could he be looking for a girlfriend?  Judging by the length of his snood and beard, I'm guessing this is a "jake," or yearling male.

He likes hanging out in front of my office window.  Sometimes he pecks at the window. 

There are about 5 million turkeys in the U.S.   They're found in every state except for Alaska.  Ever seen one in your yard?


Pam J. said...

He's just adorable! I know nothing about fowl so this may be a really stupid question but could he be added to your flock of chickens? Or would there be blood?

tina said...

What a neat visitor!

Malay-Kadazan girl said...

We have never have a visit from wild turkey. How exciting.

TALON said...

lol! I love it - a renegade turkey!
No, no turkeys in our yard - but no self-respecting turkey would come within a mile of our place with Stripey around...unless it was on a suicide mission or something.

I'm still laughing at the name, JGH! Say hey to Jacques Pepin for me :)

LazyMom said...

I think we had the same turkey in our yard. He was walking up our street all alone and then ran into the backyard. I wonder if the chickens attracted him. He is big!

JGH said...

I thought about trying to throw him into the chicken run and make him "mine" -- but I don't think I could catch him. He runs pretty fast - and he can fly too. He does like chicken feed, though ;)

I thought Betsy would go berzerk and try to chase him, but she's refrained so far. She thinks he's just another big chicken.

LazyMom - wouldn't that be crazy if it was the same turkey? I can just see him strutting across Rt. 59.