Monday, January 9, 2012

Kristy McNichol Forever

My daughter asked me last night what celebrities I wanted to be like when I was her age.  I searched my memory.  The most obvious choice was Olivia Newton-John, but even then I knew that I had as much chance of becoming a blond Australian songbird as I do of winning the HGTV Dream Home in Salt Lake City Utah this year.  No, the celebrity I studied with the most interest back then was undoubtedly TV actress Kristy McNichol. 

“Who’s that?” was her response.  

People used to tell me I looked like Kristy, and since my best friends at the time were twins, I fantasized that Kristy was my twin sister.    She was “family” in my head.  Oh, and we were psychically connected, as most twins are.    

A Google search revealed a recent photo of Kristy (above), posted THAT VERY DAY along with a story about how she’s come out of the closet as a lesbian to help bullied kids through their own struggles with acceptance. How kooky is it that I hadn’t thought about Kristy in almost 30 years, and she pops back into my mind on the SAME DAY she comes out?   Proof once again that Kristy and I have a psychic connection. 

Kristy has suffered with bipolar disorder and rumors of drug addiction.  According to Perez Hilton:

"The Family and Empty Nest start decided to make an official statement about her sexuality not only because she is "approaching 50,": but she wants to "be open about who I am" and "is very sad about kids being bullied."

Her rep says: "She hopes that coming out can help kids who need support.  She would like to help others who feel different.  She is very happy and healthy.  And she enjoys living a very private life."
Aside from being comfortable with one's sexuality, there's another positive message that Kristy’s reappearance sends:  that there is happiness in being true to yourself, and that “success” is all relative.  It’s not always about finding the brightest spotlight, even if you’re one of the biggest stars in Hollywood.   

Kristy, I know you’re not one of the 6 people who read my blog, but it’s okay because we’re telepathic.  Thank you for what you’re doing.  I’m so happy that you’re finally feeling confident enough to do it, and I’m sure it will inspire those troubled kids, and maybe some adults, too.   It’s sure inspiring me to do something brave with my year. 

Love, your twin sister,


Wendy McDonagh-Valentine said...

I love Kristy McNichol and I love this post!! She still looks the same, doesn't she?? I thought she had come out a long time ago. And she's almost 50????? Gosh, we're getting old!!!! LOL!! When did that happen??!!?? : )

Happy New Year to you and your family!!

~ Wendy

Joanne said...

Sometimes that's all it takes, one person to inspire change. But, my question to you is ... What will YOUR brave choice be this year? We'll be waiting to see :)

TALON said...

No doubt about it - you two are twins, JGH! :)

It must be an amazing feeling to finally live your life openly and honestly and if it helps others, well, that's just amazing, isn't it?

Ashling said...

Good for Kristy for coming out, but not sure it was news to many of us. Anyway, pretty cool your cosmic twin & you have crossed paths out in cyberspace (well, sort of); I think you'd be a great sister!

Pam J. said...

What a wonderful post! Happy New Year Ms. Jenn.