Saturday, April 14, 2012

My Garden is My Gym

It’s a sad fact that I work for a Y and have not been to the gym in years.  Even with a free employee membership!  Yet, there are plenty of exercise opportunities available to me right here at home.   I have a dog that needs walking and live on top of a steep hill.  I live in stairmasterville!

One of my projects this year involves building a new asparagus bed.  Do I want to dig a trench for my asparagus?  Of course not! That would be too strenuous. 

I decided, instead, to avoid digging the trench by building a raised bed against the back fence using old logs, and filling it with loose dirt DUG from the leaf rot under my trees 50 yards away.  It just another kind of digging in a different place.  Once the dirt is dug, it's lugged across the yard in this cart.  I'm so glad I decided to take the "easy" way out.  This is why "landscaping" burns so many more calories than "gardening."

Sometimes I do a little jogging chasing these guys around the house. When the wind is gusty, it has a way of blowing the gate open and the chickens have a way of wandering into the culdesac.  I have a feeling that my neighbors are getting a good laugh watching me from behind their curtains. Dave the Mailman knows to be on the lookout and dodge us with his truck. 

Leg lifts are necessary to navigate the chicken wire fence that protects the raised beds from hungry little beaks.

Since I left the leaves in the flower beds all winter, the rake is trying to help me tone my upper arms.

A couple of weeks ago, my fruit trees arrived.  They required 4 large holes.  More digging. 

Luckily, I find dislodging impacted rocks from clay enormously satisfying (and exhausting).

When I start to feel tight, a grassy spot is always available for a yoga stretch (or nap in the sun.)  Betsy and I do down dogs together. 

What kind of workout are you getting outside the gym?

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Malay-Kadazan girl said...

Hey there! How have you been. The garden do gave us a lot of exercise. Trying to keep a neat garden not an easy task. There is always something to do.