Monday, November 26, 2012

What is #GivingTuesday?

Spread the word!  We're kicking off the holiday giving season this year with a new national tradition called #Giving Tuesday.  I'm proud to say that the idea was initiated just a few months ago in the halls of the wonderful nonprofit where I've worked for over 20 years: 92Y.   Since we have a day for giving thanks, and other days (Black Friday, Cyber Monday) for getting deals, why not a day to give back?   The cool thing about Giving Tuesday is that everyone can choose their favorite charity -- or volunteer to provide an act of service. You take it to your town and work in your local soup kitchen or sign up to lead a team to pick up litter in your neighborhood.   An impressive number of corporate partners and other nonprofits are signing on, and the idea has sprouted in all areas of social media.  Hope you'll share this idea with your friends and followers too!  Here's the website where you can find out more.

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