Sunday, July 6, 2008

Grandma Beatty's Botanicals

My Grandma Beatty had a technique for preserving fresh flowers and we decided to try it out --with a few adaptations -- with some fall leaves. Her recipe was as follows:

Several pressed flowers

waxed paper

Elmer's glue (or Mod Podge) diluted with one part water

tissue paper

We used the shiny, glossy kind of Mod Podge but any kind would work, I'm guessing. Place the flowers on the wax paper, place the tissue paper over it, and carefully paint it with the glue until the tissue adheres to the paper. Let dry for several hours.

We trimmed the waxed paper to a 8" square and put it in some clear scrapbook pages that I got at Michael's. Then attached a pipe cleaner for hanging.

Many of Grandma Beatty's pictures were framed and lasted for years. I remember some pansies and Queen Anne's Lace hanging on our walls when we were growing up. They weren't in this kind of translucent frame, so I'm not sure how prolonged exposure to light will affect this recipe. We've enjoyed this on the window since fall, but I think we'll replace with some summer pressings soon.

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