Friday, August 8, 2008

CSA Delivery and Zuketaters

On some of the blogs that I read people are posting photos of their farmer's market hauls. I haven't been much this year because I joined a CSA co-op. I go to the coordinator's house a couple of miles away and pick up a box from her garage every other week. Here's what came this week. I think this might be my favorite haul so far because of the amount of fruit. Aren't these zucchini (top image - from the previous haul) cool looking? I almost didn't want to slice them up. You can simmer them in olive oil with some sliced up potatoes. Just allow a little extra time for the potatoes since they take longer. Put them in first. Add an herb or two. I chose thyme since I love my thyme with potatoes. For an extra calorie or two, you can also add grated cheese on top


tut-tut said...

We picked up our CSA box today, too. Nothing like supporting your local farmer.

Nzeru Louisa said...

This recipe sounds delicious - and simple! Must go and get some courgettes ... (my husband doesn't like them much so we very rarely - ie never! - have them, even though they are one of my favourites!)