Friday, August 8, 2008

Don't Watch the Olympics

There were about 16 things going on when I sat down to post last night and my memory stick somehow got lost somewhere between my camera and the drive. (Why is it that each new camera - of the same brand - has to have a smaller memory stick? This one was only about 1 x 2 inches!) With 128 mb it's going to be expensive to replace, so I'm afraid I'll be spending the better part of today looking for it. And I had vegetable pictures to show you! And my sunflowers are in bloom!

Here's a link to a project, the "Beijing Tune-Out" that my friend Jeremy Taylor is promoting. They're doing alternative programing to watch during the Olympics. Programs will include reports by actor and activist Mia Farrow from a refugee camp on the Chad-Darfur border courtesy of Dream for Darfur's"Darfur Olympics" (link above). Live broadcasts will include performances by REM and Carly Simon, international scholars, activists, journalists, and former political prisoners and refugees to discuss China's global influence and the consequences for emerging nations. In Manhattan, this will be aired on Time Warner Manhattan Channel 67; RCN Cable Manhattan Channel 85.Webcast at, select Channel 67.


Sandy said...

You can never have too many swings! I hope you find your disk

Anonymous said...

I'm not watching the olympics! I'll watch old films on channel 73 instead. or go outside and play.


heirloomgardener said...

Great idea.

Anonymous said...

Bunky says, great idea(s) on your blog. Is that Ched my ched?? Weird. keep blogging...and clogging. ;)