Sunday, August 3, 2008

Laughing Buddha

This is another birdbath in my yard that I made from a tree trunk and an old roasting pan. I haven't figured out a way to anchor the pan to the trunk without making a hole that will potentially leak water, so every week or so I have to re-assemble it after a storm blows the pan off. I thought that putting some heavyish articles in there, like this jade Buddha, and glass turtle, would give it a little more stability. The Buddha enjoys keeping company in the same bed with the Very Little Mermaid.


Mayberry said...

The Buddha looks very happy there!

tut-tut said...

He does look happy! How does he fit in with the Mermaid?

Anonymous said...

Hi Jen-it's me P. in Denver how are you? Anyway go to Home Depot and ask for an assoicate and tell them that you need contact cement and tell them what you want it for and they will give you something that will plug the leek when you screw your pan to the tree stump. They have stuff now days that is amazing. I used this stuff and I'm sorry that I don't remember the name of it but tell the guy that it gets hot when you roll and start to work it.I used it to plug a hole the size of a dime in a bulk cement tanker that when unloading get to about 7000 psi and it worked, you just might have to let it dry for 24hrs and it will dry like plastic so it won't hurt wildlife. You'll be happy to know that I finished my book yesterday (8/4/08) so now comes the hard part and getting it published. You have fantastic taste in music, come to think of it you have fantastic taste period! After all your still my friend (LOL) I'll try emailing you at home just in case you don't check this soon. You still look like you did when we were in high school. God Bless you and your family .............P.