Sunday, September 21, 2008

Apple Picking at Dr. Davie's Farm

Way up high, in a tree
Two shiny apples smiled at me.
I shook that tree as hard as I could
Down came the apples,
And yum, they were good!

(my daughter's first apple picking trip)


If I were an apple
And grew on a tree, I think I'd drop down
On a nice boy like me.
I wouldn't stay there
Giving nobody joy;
I'd fall down at once
And say "Eat me, my boy!"

(my son's first apple picking trip)

Dr. Davies' Farm, in Congers, NY, is just a few minutes from our house so it's not hard to decide where to go apple picking. The nostalgia factor helps, too. My kids both had their first apple-picking experience there. They were taken by their preschool and I have vivid memories of sitting in a circle in the orchard with with the other teachers and parents, singing apple songs all by ourselves -- none of the kids were singing because their mouths were busy chewing apples.

Since I like MacIntosh apples, I try to get to the orchard by mid-September. We were surprised to see that the price went up by $6 per half bushel.

It only took us 10 minutes to fill up our bag, leaving time for a game of "rock, paper, scissors" and tag.

You're not supposed to climb the trees in the orchard, but one of us could not resist...

The mums looked beautiful, so my friend and I each got one on our way out.

I hope you have a chance to go apple picking this fall!


tut-tut said...

Great photos! I remember taking L out picking many years ago, and they had a horse and wagon ride through the orchard. Very exciting!

Mayberry said...

Great pictures! We'll be going soon. It's one of our favorite family outings.

d. chedwick said...

I liked looking at these pics. . I'm eating some DD local MacIntosh Apples right now, but did not self pick. We eat them nonstop this time of year.

Dawn Gahan said...

Love love love this post. It screams family, Fall and fun!


Anonymous said...

We just got back from there it was quite possibly the worst times I had apple picking ever. not only was the one size only bag $29.00 but you had to pay extra for a pole. you can't bring your own bag or pole. they aslo boast 35 acres to pick apples on but they rope off 34 of them that you cant pick apples on and there are guys telling you you cant go past the line there were so many people crammed into this area that you needed a pole to get to the top apples if you didn't have one the best you could do is pick them up off the ground. when you complain no one is nice they just say "you want your money back? go up front and get it" it was so bad I'm going to make sure i tell everyone i can

JGH said...

Man, that does seem like a terrible experience! I've also been there later in the season when the apples weren't accessible and you could only get them with the poles. I wonder why they don't make more sections of the orchard available when it's crowded on these busy weekends. Rudeness anytime is inexcusable! Thanks for writing.