Sunday, September 21, 2008

Where I Planted on 9/21

Since part of the function of this journal is to remind me of what I did in past seasons, I'm hoping this post will tell me where to look for some new flowers next spring. Things that had to get in the ground were piling up around here, so I was outside digging on Saturday. I got a gift certificate for White Flower Farm that I had to use up, so I bought some Alcea (Hollyhock) and put them in my flower patch right in front of the coneflower.

I also planted 6 "Purple Sensation" alium in the patch, as well as 3 here

(in front of the monarda, behind the lupine)

and here

(in front of the peonies, behind the daylilies)

I put a Hellebore in the shade garden just to the left of the lily of the valley.

There were some leftover swiss chard and pea seeds that I put in the vegetable bed.

While digging I came across a couple of things to share

These are the purple pods from the hyacinth bean that bloomed a couple of weeks ago.

And here is the "Peace" rose, which was too late for bloom day, but welcome whenever she appears.


tut-tut said...

If you want some hollyhock and some herb seeds, let me know and I'll send you some.

TC said...

I think it's a good idea to know where you've planted new stuff, but I never mark where because I love surprises. ;~)

Have you notice your lily of the valley cropping up all over the place yet?

Joanne said...

Looks like you had a beautiful day for fall planting. I'll bet it was relaxing ...

shausler said...

your yet to be 4 plex of gardening wonder will be a sight to behold, i can tell already!!!

and it will sprout much quicker then the new buildings at the twin tower site.

i cant wait to see smell and eat from your garden of earthly delightrs as you have the most awesomest of green thumbs i know

Karen said...

Cool purple pods! Peace has got to be my all-time favorite rose. Just so delicately colored, and that fragrance...

JGH said...

Tut, thanks for the offer. If my hollyhocks don't make it I will definitely take you up on it!

TC - The lily of the valley are not "naturalizing" as I'd hoped. Maybe next year I'll see a better crop?!

Shausler - you are very poetic :-)

Karen, thanks! and yes, the Peace rose is the most fragrant one I have.

TC said...

jgh, they're rampant here, but I sorta don't mind. The only thing is having to almost lay on the ground to smell their heavenly aroma!

BClark said...

Thank you for stopping by my blog, new friends are always welcome. You asked about my gourds so here goes. I planted mine late because I forgot I purchaed the seeds. I really did not think I would have any as there were no flowers or signs of bearing fruit. Mother Nature went into overdrive and I now have quite a few. If I put the seeds in earlier next year I believe I will do much better. There were 5 varieties and I really wanted to see the swan and snake like ones. So far the bird house, dipper and Santa ones have flourished. They are growing on the fence around the garden and seem to like the location which is mostly sun. I also have lots of hollyhock seeds if you would like any. Mine have grown beautifully, reaching an average of 6' to 8' and blooming all summer. Isn't it fun planning out the gardens. I will working on mine for years. Best of luck to you, Barbara

JGH said...

Barbara, thanks so much for your note - I really like your blog. Despite my failure this year, I haven't given up on gourds and hope to try a different variety next year - maybe gooseneck. I really hope the hollyhocks make it, too.