Thursday, October 30, 2008

Color Climax - We're Peaking

I wouldn't be surprised if today is the can't get better than this, can it?

Oh yes, we're definitely there.


Pam J. said...

Looks peaky to me. Are those red leaves from a sugar maple? Beautiful. I'm 250 miles south of you and we're definitely not at peak yet.

Joanne said...

These are beautiful photos. We're about a week past peak, sadly. I love the color and temps this time of year, but it does pass way too quickly. Have a Happy Halloween!

JGH said...

Hi Pam J and welcome! Those are indeed sugar maples. As for peaking, you'll get there any day now, I'm sure.

Joanne, it does end quickly doesn't it? Good thing we have our cameras to remind us of what things looked like.

Hilary said...

I love your blog. A very nice mix of writing and photos. I am definitely going to link my blog to your blog once I start one.

JGH said...

Hi Hilary - you should definitely do a blog! And yes, let's link. Maybe I'll finally get to see your chickens? :-)

lzyjo said...

Awww, that's soo cute! My dog has one of the those squeaky bowling pins, he loves it, but it's too loud, lol!