Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Nyack Halloween Parade (with Pumpkinheads!)

Supposedly, Nyack's Halloween Parade is the second most spectacular in the region, topped only by the festivities of New York City's Greenwich Village production. This year, the Chamber of Commerce wisely postponed Saturday's parade to Sunday, which was free of Saturday's sleeting rain and wind, and we were blessed with outstanding sunny weather.

And here, finally assembled, thanks to the creative and talented Sarah Lantigua of Lanti Music School, are the PUMPKINHEADS. Whoever said a squash can't carry a tune?

I marched with the Obama group, attempting to bribe people for their votes as an old hag with DumDum lollipops. Some of my fellow marchers in costume:

Other highlighlights: The Blue Plate Specials!
Marta and Eric were freaky aliens ...
Not to be corny, but....

Who lurks behind this bloody getup?
Not a detail neglected - look at the dog!
What famous painting would you be??
My float photos did not come out well at all, but here you can see a gory house of horrors and a stagecoach. The winner in this category was an outstanding replica of our dilapidated Tappan Zee Bridge, complete with cobwebs, stalled traffic and construction workers. Awesome! I regret not having a photo to show you.

And saving the best for last (and I am not biased because they are my friends - they won "Best Adult Costume" -- not unusual for this creative clan), The Bell Family as a Flower Garden with Pollinators. (See? there's some gardening content here today after all!)


Joanne said...

I haven't been over the Tappan Zee Bridge in a few years now, but it's quite a long, low bridge if I remember correctly. Would've liked to see that float! Anyways, you've got a regular Nyack Mardi Gras going on here. Love the PumpkinHead Choir!

Mayberry said...

OK, that's amazing! Looks like so much fun.

our friend Ben said...

"Even Nixon is for Obama." Ha!!! Too priceless! (Maybe he's learned a thing or two in the afterlife... )

JGH said...

Hi Joanne - yes, the bridge is something like 3 miles long. Replacing it won't be an easy feat.

Mayberry - are your kids excited about halloween? did they get their costumes yet?

Ben, welcome!!! Nixon's ghost was campaigning pretty hard. Hopefully we won't need divine intervention to win next week ;-)

Giana said...

Fantastic photos..! Halloween parades are always a great source of fun and enjoy.

Dawn Gahan said...

This looks SOOOO much fun. How I wish our town did a Halloween parade.


JGH said...

But Dawn, you had that cool "trunk or treat" event!! Your entry looked awesome.