Monday, October 6, 2008

Running Out of (garden) Steam....

Anyone else feeling a little burnt out on getting things to grow and the general maintenance that goes along with keeping up the garden? The tomato plants, even with a few green fruits still clinging, are brown and ugly. I'm just tired of looking at them and need to pull them out. Sunflowers have keeled over; petunias withered and died. There are herbs to dry, but I don't feel like it and can't find my blue clippers anyway.


I suppose I could be hauling wood chips around, prepping my new veggie beds for next year. It's just so much, well, WORK. (Contributing to this energy deficit in the garden is the increased responsibility of my full time job. It's more or less dormant during the summer, but is in exhaustingly high gear now, and will be until next June.)

The bean teepee as taken on a Mardi Gras color scheme, and I'm wondering if I've poisoned myself by eating raw hyacinth bean.

I'm drying some peppers.

And harvesting some Gooligans.

But mostly the harvest is down to a trickle....

Something did arrive last week to cheer me up, though.

It just seems too good to be true -- perennial tulips? (See link to "Tulip Heartbreak" article at right). These were my birthday present from my mom. They're in a mix of colors -- red, ivory, sun gold, pink and Haley's Comet. There's even a bonus "Purple Prism" bulb .

Do I dare? I'm afraid of squirrels, but I don't see many of them around since Miss. B came to live with me. In fact, Miss. B. considers it her job to patrol the yard for squirrels. Plus there's this little face looking up at me from under my desk.

Maybe I'll get out there and dig today after all.


Kitt said...

Soon enough the garden will be bedded down for the winter. I say enjoy it while you can!

Good thing you have a curly squirrel deterrent!

tut-tut said...

I like your gooligans, lined up with the tomatoes. How's your lawn-to-garden project coming along?

Linda said...

I like them too.

I had a very similar photo with the box with little tubes of plants in it on the same coloured lino when it was late autumn here. Can't wait until they take off, though it is still chilly here for some reason.

Our tulips are flowering. My Mum and I were discussing them. We don't think of ourselves as being able to grow tulips. But mine are doing very well where I live now (I have been here awhile but still getting used to the climate differences) and so tall this year. They are still flowering now. All that cold weather must be useful for tulips.

Joanne said...

Those little faces get to us every time. I'll bet Miss B added a few smiles to the digging! When our meteorologist issued a frost warning tonight, he said "If you have any tomato plants left, well they're all done anyway, so don't worry!" We hold on to our tomatoes till the very last minute!

joey said...

I'm out to buy bulbs this weekend! I HATE planting them but so delighted to see them in spring :)

Denise said...

Such a beautiful array of flowers, love them all but love your little dog best of all :)))) Have a great day.

JGH said...

Thanks for the encouragement, Kitt. It's in the 70s and sunny out here today so I have no excuse.

Tut, I posted about my bed project today. It's a slow one and I don't expect it to be done until spring. I try to do a little something every day.

Linda, I think I saw the tulips on your blog - they sure are pretty.
How great that you can share gardening with your mum.

Joanne, you don't actually believe the meteorologist, do you??! Get 'em while you can.

Joey, welcome! If my soil didn't have so many rocks, I probably wouldn't mind the bulb planting so much. I find a lot of obstacles, though, so I agree with you.

Denise, glad to hear you like Miss. B. I really should post more photos of her.