Thursday, December 11, 2008

10 Reasons to Buy Handmade at the Fellowship Community

The Poppytalk site has compiled 101 Reasons to Buy Handmade, but after spending time at the Fellowship Community’s annual Christmas Sale and Festival (in Chestnut Ridge, NY) I think I could come up with 101 reasons to do your holiday shopping there. Here are 10 to start with:

1) You Get to Look at the Chickens - they've got some purty ones.

2) They have toys

3) They have pottery and candles (and candle holders!).

4) You can eat there. This year there were some delicious Indian entrees and there's always good soups and excellent hummus. There's a common dining room where everyone sits to eat.

5) Joanne and Norma- I love being able to meet the people who made these gorgeous items, and sometimes see them year after year. Here are a couple of things I’ve purchased from Joanne.

And here’s what Norma made for me...

6) You'll hear music. In the dining room, there's always some live holiday tunes.

7) There are activities for the kids. Our girls made some felt ornaments, bead necklaces, origami, and elf decorating.

8) You can see a puppet show (not just for the kids- we grownups love them too)

9) They've got Stuff in Jars and Bottles made from what they grow in their garden.

10) You're supporting a wonderful community dedicated to care of the older person. The older people who live there often interact with younger residents, volunteers and students from the nearby Sunbridge College and Green Meadow Waldorf School. They believe that intergenerational social activities benefit people of all ages. Continuous learning and development at all stages of life is part of their mission.

And here's one reason NOT to shop there: The gifts are SO HARD to give away. I mean, how can I possibly part with this?

The festival is usually held on the first weekend of December every year. Put it in your 2009 calendar now!


tut-tut said...

How interesting that there is a Rudolf Steiner community for the elderly. I did see Waldorf School style in many of the crafts, so it wasn't surprising that one was nearby. What a wonderful place!

Squirrel said...

Thanks for this post--I'll try to get over there soon. It looks really great-- the dolls, the cards, the pottery. Looking forward to seeing it in person.

Squirrel said...

am I too late to visit this year?

our friend Ben said...

How totally delightful, Jen! I'd go for the chickens alone, but everything looks wonderful and the toy assortment is outstanding. What fun!!!

tina said...

Too cute! All good reasons indeed, I say keep the last gift for yourself and the next time buy TWO so you can give one away.

I wanted to say I enjoy talking with you and appreciate the time you take to talk with me. Thanks!

Joanne said...

What a charming place! Love the old-style toys and those dollies! Way too cute. I get in the Christmas spirit just browsing these pictures.

JGH said...

Tut, I've always loved the Waldorf philosophy and the way it's put into practice here is so warm and welcoming.

Squirrel,the Festival is only the first weekend in Dec., but you can go to the Hand and Hoe shop that they run on Fridays between 12-5 and many of the things will be for sale there.

Ben, I always check out the chickens when I'm there. There were some really loud roosters there this time. We were cracking up listening to them holler.

Tina, thanks so much! I've enjoyed getting to know you, too. And your yellow hostas.

Joanne, the toys are really special aren't they? It makes me sad that my kids are getting too old for most of them.

Pam J. said...

I love the cards. I've been thinking of doing something like that but couldn't envision it exactly. Now I can! Nice post.

LazyMom said...

I almost moved my dad to the fellowship community--it has such a warm, wonderful, quirky feel to it. I think I will sign-up for a small condo apartment there in about 30 years.

Kate in NJ said...

Ooh, that looks lovely!!

JGH said...

Pam J, I posted a technique for this on my blog over the summer, but I found out that my technique is old fashioned. The new method is with contact paper. I'll let you know if I find some directions.

Lazymom, me too. Can't you just see us living there as old ladies? Let's make a lunch date there for 2048.