Thursday, April 16, 2009

Tchotchke Challenge: Letter G

G is for Gigantor, a character created by Fred Ladd in the 60s, inspired by a Japanese anime cartoon, Tetsujin 28. Gigantor was the lead character in a popular cartoon TV series in the US when we were kids, and he experiences periodic updates and revivals.

At our house, he is representative of a gigantic collection that could qualify as tchotchke if it were displayed (god forbid). But they are in boxes in the attic in their original packaging. Awaiting…who know what?! This is in sharp contrast to the other type of action figures we have -- those that are buried under leaves and dirt in the backyard, at the bottom of forgotten toy bins in the garage, or shoved under the seats of the car covered in spilled juice box stickiness and pretzel crumbs. Don’t you wish you had some too?

Do you have some letter H tchotchke to share? Join Pam-J and God Bless Ya'll Real Good and I on May 1 and post some!


Squirrel said...

he's very cute but seems like he has a small brain---
I have an attic full of tchotchkes. want some more?

Joanne said...

I don't remember the Gigantor in my days, or my kids. Your blog is the first I've seen of him. Of course, with two girls, not too many action figures made their way into the house. Mostly it was Barbie and animal tchotchke.

Squirrel said...

G - I had a godzilla bank once--you'd put a coin in and he'd start moving and all the people in the little city at his feet would start screaming. I don;t know what happened to it.

Pam J. said...

Like Joanne, I don't remember Gigantor either. I was probably too busy listening to Surrealistic Pillow. And for those of you who remember that album you'll understand.

Anne said...

I confess that I know absolutely nothing about Gigantor (or his relatives).

My taste in cartoons runs to the Flintstones . . . how out-of-touch is that?

Great entry for a difficult letter (at least for me)!

And a belated thank-you for your encouraging words for me as I struggle with just too damn many things to do.

Anonymous said...

Clean the car! I saw my neighbor clean the juice and he-man characters out of her car yesterday and she gained extra square footage. She can actually haul her family around in one trip. She's no longer hauling junk. I'm just having fun with you. When you have kids, the spilled juice is a part of life.

My kids collected Legos and matchbox cars. Some of those cars are worth a good bit and would have been more if they were left in the package.