Thursday, May 21, 2009

Camp Venture Plant Adventure

For the past two years I’ve gone to an annual plant sale held at Camp Venture in Sparkill. Camp Venture provides services to adults and children with developmental disabilities. The people here take their garden seriously. On my way in, I stop to look at it - It’s so nicely planned out.

I love the way they’ve used branches and logs for the structures. (For the past two years, I’ve also tried to remind myself to go back later in the season and see what these great climbing walls they’ve made have climbing on them. This year for sure!)

They had a nice array of perennials and annuals, as well as a few herbs and veggies. Even some healthy looking sunflowers.

Another surprise was some homemade local maple syrup. You don’t find that too often around here. You can also find old videos, rollerblades, decorations and other miscellaneous tag sale items.

This nice man helped me carry my plants to the car.

I'm adding a new foxglove, delphinium and zinnia to the list of stuff to put in the ground this weekend. Couldn't pass up the syrup, either.

Hit any good plant sales lately?


Anonymous said...

WOW! It looks so nice! What a wonderful idea! I know how therapeutic I find working in the garden. I love foxgloves and delphiniums. I think I need to get some to fill in the shady bits.

tina said...

Not lately. But I'll be donating to our master gardener plants sale at the end of the month. I might even buy a few if I go (trying not to since I don't need anymore plants! This one looks fun since it has tag sale stuff too.

Joanne said...

We're off to buy zinnias this morning. My daughters plant a zinnia patch outside the kitchen window, the zinnias that grow 36 inches tall. By midsummer, what a show of flowers we see when we're at the sink, with yellow finches and monarch butterflies visiting. It brightens up our kitchen chores.

our friend Ben said...

This is great, Jen! Love the well-maintained gardens, and I know I couldn't pass up maple syrup, either. I missed the Hawk Mountain native plant sale last weekend (sob), but did manage to pick up some of my favorite gold zucchini transplants at the Emmaus Farmers' Market on Sunday. Now my squash list is complete!

Anonymous said...

i have to get some plants

Brigit said...

So glad I've visited here. Most inspiring. My garden has been very neglected for quite a while. I'm now looking forward to spring.

Anonymous said...

I'll be glad when my garden gets to the point of adding a plant here and there. Right now, I'm still getting the foundation plants in order.

I love to stop at these kinds of places. It makes you feel like the plant had a good start. And so fun to get some syrup too.