Saturday, May 16, 2009

Tchotchke Challenge - Letter I

Here are some Indian combs and pottery I purchased in Brazil. Jimena and I became friends when she was a foreign exchange student with my aunt’s family. We’re still corresponding after 20 years! About 12 years ago I visited her at her home in Belem and we traveled to the Manaus to see the rainforest, and took a amazing trip to the Amazon river island Marajo. I would love to go back to Brazil some day.

For someone who doesn’t burn much incense I sure have a lot of it. This container originally held candy, but I’ve kept cones in it for years. I thought I had one of the long stick incense burners but I can‘t find it anywhere.

Here are a few things that did turn up when I was digging out the incense.
Napkin rings. They don’t start with the letter I, but now I’m realizing that they’re pretty idiotic. Why do I have them? I’ve never, ever used them – not once in the almost 10 years that I’ve lived here. Should I put them out in the garage sale pile? Or is there some alternative use that I can find for them?

I bet you can find something much more interesting for letter J. Check out Pam J and God Bless Ya’ll Real Good for some other exciting entries.


tina said...

How cool to be able to visit Brazil! Pretty neat. I like incense, especially in the winter.

our friend Ben said...

What a wonderful trip (and friendship, too), Jen!!! I'll admit, I adore incense and have way more boxes of various types and incense burners than any one person needs. Now, about those napkin rings: Admittedly, I've never tried it with napkin rings, but I use flea-market bracelets as rings to hold my various crystal globes, and I also use them to tie back my curtains. You can find fantastic retro and handmade bracelets for a dollar or two, and they look so great under the crystals! I'm sure you could repurpose some of those napkin rings if you set your mind to it. And I'll bet the metal ones would make beautiful centers for fork- or spoon windchimes!

Pam J. said...

Love your story. And I completely understand why you're holding on to those napkin rings. I like Ben's idea of wind chimes! Not a yard sale, no, never.

Squirrel said...

I'd love to see Brazil... we burn a lot more incense in winter than in summer, now that i think of it.

napkin rings--I never use them either. I've used bracelets to tie back curtains,just as our friend ben does.

Joanne said...

I like how you include "idiotic" in your I tchotchke, very cute. Now, those napkin rings ... after TEN YEARS? Hoping I don't inspire the wrath of the others, into the trash!

JGH said...

Tina, I like incense too but it tends to aggravate my allergies. Nothing like sandalwood burning during the holidays.

Ben, the crystal globes on bracelets or napkin rings is a great idea! I also love your windchime idea.

Pam, I hope you're not saying that I shouldn't have a yard sale. Cause I've already set the date (always subject to change, tho!)

So Squirrel,(or Ben) how do you anchor the bracelet or napkin ring to the wall to put the curtains through? I have a couple of bracelets that would be great for this!

Joanne, what is wrong with me that I can't throw usable stuff in the trash? I gotta try to sell it myself or donate to thrift or tag sale!! As a result I've got piles of stuff in the garage waiting for a new role in retail.

our friend Ben said...

Er, to clarify on the curtain thing: We have a single curtain for each window in our living room, so during the day we put each one through a bracelet (we use plain matching wood bangles for this) so it's gathered in the middle of the window, if that makes any sense. Then we remove the bracelets after dark so the curtain spreads back out to cover the window. No need to attach it to the wall!

JGH said...

Oh, that makes perfect sense, Ben -- thanks! I've done the same thing with scarves but napkin rings would look much less cluttered.

Lorilee said...

I don't own any napkin rings, although I often use cloth napkins. (for everyday, I use bandanas from Hobby Lobby with a non-bandana print). I guess you could drop one onto a wine bottle as a bit of decoration!
I only like to burn incense outdoors. It is too strong for me indoors.

Anonymous said...

How lovely to have those memories of Brazil- I would love to go there one day...

I have unused napkin rings too- I don't want to get rid of them because they were a gift, but I don't own any cloth napkins, so I suppose they will stay in the drawer forever :)

Looking forward to hearing your views on Mr Pip over at VBC:)

Brigit said...

I love stuff like that from other countries. Lucky you to have bought them on a trip there.

As for napkin rings. Hmm. There must be some use for them.

Brian Miller said...

wow. sounds like a pretty amazing trip! how long was the exchange? would love to do something like that.

napkin holder - pain, just say no.