Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Garden Bloggers Bloom Day - May in Nyack, NY

White coral bells, upon a slender stalk,
Lilies of the valley frame my garden walk.
Oh, don't you wish that you could hear them ring?
That will happen only when the fairies sing.

(I think I learned that song in preschool!)

Lilies of the valley are, in my opinion, the best-smelling flower of the garden. I've had these for a few years, but this year they've really taken off and even spread a bit.

I've already deadheaded a few of these -- hope they come back! Our school courtyard is growing lots of this pretty clover (trifolium rubens)

These were purchased cheap at the grocery store.

The allium are lasting a surprisingly long time.

Lungwort - I love how they go from blue to pink.

Creeping phlox.

I had to includ this tulip photo that I took a week or so ago. Doesn't it look lit from within?

And of course the long-awaited Dogwood. I tried unsuccessfully to force it this year.

Don't forget me!

Head over to Carol's blog May Dreams Gardens for more blooms from all over!


Commonweeder said...

I love lungwort too. It always seems quite magical in its color. I have a friend who grew up in Nyack so I'm glad I got to visit.

Joanne said...

Nyack is definitely in full bloom, with lovely pastel colors. That tulip looks like a candle holder, with a flickering wick within, just beautiful.

NellJean said...

Lots to see at your place this time of year.

Ms. Wis./Each Little World said...

The clover is lovely. We need to see it given some special attention to realize everything has beautiful flowers if we stop and look. Khelm has lilies of the valley with a blue edge to the leaves and Seneca Hill has some stunning ones with stripes on the leaves. I am growing both and throwing caution to the wind as I assume they will soon try to take over the garden.

Karen said...

So many familiar and lovely blooms here. Dogwood, FMNs, lungwort all here too. Wish my alliums would bloom, they're either slow or not coming at all this year. Love that red clover, and yes to the lit-from-within tulip! Gotta bend the rules sometimes. :) My mom always grew lily-of-the-valley, I miss having it here but worry it's so tempting for kids to eat one of the honey-smelling blossoms, since they're poisonous. Has that ever happened at your house? Happy Bloom Day!

Brigit said...

Beautiful photos. Are they all from your own garden?