Saturday, June 13, 2009

Miss B, the Sweet Pea Fiend

Maybe I did a bad thing turning Miss B. on to sugar snap peas.
Now each morning she follows me out onto the deck where my earliest ones were started, and won't leave me alone until she's had her fix.
Then, when my back is turned, and I'm busy doing something else, she sneaks down to the beds and does this. Or maybe even this:
If I scold her, I get a look like this.

Have you ever seen a pea blossom face? I think they're kinda scary looking. I guess they have no effect on her.
Miss B. came along for a grand visit with Squirrel, Tut, and her lovely family, Mr. Tut and L, on Friday afternoon. Hope we can meet up again soon! "Sweet Beasty from Pike" hopes so too.


Joanne said...

Wow, she's so intent, she must really love them. But with a cute face like that one, how can you not smile seeing her immersed in those sweet peas?

Lzyjo said...

OMG!~ Sweet Beasty! If I tried to stop my dog I'm sure I'd get some growls! Hopper has an addiction to Dingo Goofballs, if he dosn't get one in the evening he gets really mad!

Brigit said...

Wow, a semi vegetarian dog! How can you resist that face?

Anonymous said...

Molly, an Australian Shepherd mix that was with us for many years, used to get to the strawberries and cherry tomatoes before we did if we weren't watching. I don't think she ever tried peas, though!

Susan M (wmoms)

Curmudgeon said...

ROFL! That is too cute! Our GSD has a thing for purple carrots---not the orange ones mind you.