Saturday, June 13, 2009

Garden Bloggers Bloom Day - Nyack, NY

Every month Carol at May Dreams Gardens hosts Garden Blogger's Bloom Day. If you go to her site, you can link to blogs around the world who are posting photos of their flowers today!

We'll start on the deck. Last year edibles were grown in pots on my deck, but since I have the new vegetable beds in the yard now, the pots have been freed up for flowers. This is my first time growing fuschia. It must be beginner's luck. I'm in love with this plant!

An up close shot:

I planted some mixed Morning Glories in the containers that anchor my deck arbor and am impressed with their speed. I get a handful of new blooms every dayI wish I'd planted them on the other side too, but I planted trumpet vine there instead. This is some salvia and echinacea that are in a container with some oxalis.
This is an annual called ageratum.
This corner container filled out well.
I stuck a few petunias in this old basket, not really expecting much to happen in the 3 year old dirt, but they're looking pretty good.

Zinnia. More on the way.
In the front yard beds, we have columbine and roses,

The "Peace" rose

There's a patch of these little yellow sedum flowers in the front yard.

and Stella D'Oro daylilies are back.

The Garden of Pace e Bene has a lone clematis.

A couple of "Duchess of Edinburgh" also bloomed here a few days ago, but the rain got to them and they turned to mush.

Can't resist showing you a few treats from our school courtyard. The wildflowers are springing up everywhere.

Here's some iris and the scotch broom we planted this spring.

We're also growing Sweet William (dianthus).

This is fleabane - a weed. We have tons of this stuff.

This is Crainsbill - a perennial geranium.

Common white clover.

They might not be as showy, but the vegetable blooms are almost more thrilling to me....

And in other flower news, this gorgeous iris hanging was made by Liz at Worms and Flowers. I won it on her blog!
The woman is multitalented. If you think her plants are pretty, you should see her quilts.


Lzyjo said...

AWWWW! Jen! You are too sweet! It was my please to give away the quilt. Your flowers are stunning. The fuchsia is huge and gorgeous and so many flowers!!! Happy Bloom Day!

lisavollrath said...

Wow, beautiful photos. It's so cool to see what's blooming today on the other side of the country!

Kim said...

Your flowers are so pretty, thanks for sharing them. I also completely understand your excitement over your vegetable flowers. I think I check mine several times a day!

Ewa said...

Your fuchsia is stunning!
must admit also, that in the summer garden, veggies are very special, especially their blooms, the soil taken care of etc.
I love summer gardens...
Greetings and thank you so much for visiting my blog and taking time to leave comment.

Joanne said...

You actually have a green, and yellow, purple, pink, orange thumb. What gorgeous flowers, you put my pots to shame. Your deck is so lucky to have you. Now that close-up of the fuscia looks fake, seriously. It's too perfect. Beautiful flowers here. What do you fertilize them with? I'd like to try it on my pots.

Gail said...

I loved her quilt! It's the state flower of TN where Liz lives! I totally agree with Liz...the fuschia is huge and gorgeous and stunning! I am bowled over by the school courtyard there someplace on your blog I can read about it? Gail

Brigit said...

Congratulations on the quilt. Lzyjo's work is just gorgeous. I must admit I can get pretty excited over vegetable flowers. They are very humble compared to there produce.

Brigit said...

Forgot to mention. Your fuchias are amazing. In fact the colours in your garden are superb.

Kate in NJ said...

lovely! Thank you as always for stopping by my blog.
It's always such a treat.

sweet bay said...

Lovely Bloom Day post. You have a lot of beautiful flowers!

Anonymous said...

Love the photos - what gorgeous intense colors! I love fuchsias; I had many (and never could resist buying more) when we lived in Calif. but it is too hot and dry here. I miss them!

Susan M.

tina said...

Great blooms! Your fuschia is awesome and congrats on winning the wall hanging.

I have been missing posts from my favorite blogs lately, not sure how but it happens. I think I have way too many on my sidebar so they get away from me:( Must slow down soon I think.

Curmudgeon said...

I agree that veggie blooms are just as exciting as the flowers. That fuschia is gorgeous. My first attempt at gardening included a fuschia. I fell in love with the plant and with gardening.

Linda said...

Gorgeous flowers, all of them, but I particularly love your fuchsia. You would almost think it was the skirt of a ballgown.

Anonymous said...

Now you have a ton of pretty blooms. Congrats on your win.