Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Tchotchke Challenge - Letter K

Kitchen Tchotchke

There used to be a lot more tchotchke in the kitchen, but since there’s so much activity there, things were always falling off the windowsill, being chewed on by the dog, stepped on, tripped over and cursed at. So I gradually moved most of it out.

I need a reminder to be saintly toward small children and animals before I’ve had my morning coffee.

The E. girl made this little doll at The Fellowship Community.

Here’s another saint who watches over growing things.

From the “weird needlepoint” collection.

A gift from my mother-in-law. We use these all the time.

This birdhouse made from a gourd was a gift from my sister-in-law Julianne. Lately I've been wondering why I've been depriving a bird of nesting place so that I can selfishly enjoy this in my kitchen. I think I will move it out of here soon.
I've been resisting true adulthood by refusing to get rid of a $12 light fixture that I’ve had since college. It's held together with paper clips.

You'll never, ever guess what Pam-J's letter K tchotchke is! I'll only tell you that it's kinky.....


Gail said...

This meme sounds like fun! gail

Joanne said...

Love the little dolly. I have a small doll collection, with dolls ranging from my grandmother's handmade rag doll to a doll brought to me from Poland to Matrioshka (Russian nesting)dolls to handkerchief dolls, among others. So I have this place in my heart for unique little dolls!

Anonymous said...

Loved the measuring spoons and your college lamp held together with paper clips. You are too cute.

Karen said...

I think it would be really fun to grow up in your house. So much to look at, play with, even trip over and curse at occasionally. I'm glad you keep old sentimental stuff around, I do that too. Cute doll and wooden dining set!

tina said...

Okay, after all this time, I must ask what is Tchotchke? I have no idea but just follow along.

Your gourd is so pretty. A nice finish as I love the shininess. I've had one in the garden where sparrows nest each year-all year. It's been out there about 3 years now and holding up. If you can, but this gourd where you can watch it from the house and enjoy the bird antics.

Bangchik and Kakdah said...

Lovely array of items that definitely bring about memories from distant years.....

~ bangchik

tut-tut said...

I love all the saints; I have many chickens in my kitchen because I made the mistake one day of saying, "You know, I really like chickens."

The cricket was being played at Haverford College.

Squirrel said...

I love your tchotchkes, especially the little Saints and measuring spoonfishes and the lamp.

Lzyjo said...

Awww, it's items like yours that make a kitchen, or a home, personal. I wouldn't get rid of the light fixture either! It's so pretty! I love those mi casa es su casa signs, they say it all! What a coincidence that you would have a fellowship doll. I went to Green Meadow Waldorf School for 1-8, some of my friends lived in the Fellowship where their parents worked. It was fun hanging out at the Hand and Hoe on Fridays!

Brigit said...

I too want to know what a tchotchke is? I love all your nick knacks. I agree, I'd hang on to the light shade. It's very pretty, and it's history.

JGH said...

Gail, it is defintely fun - join us, won't you? Do you have any fun garden tchotchke?

Joanne, your doll collection sounds sweet - not too late to join us for letter P for Polish! or R for Russian!!

Thanks, Anna. I do think I'll keep 'em.

Karen, I do wonder how long I can keep collecting all this stuff. I swear I'm doing a garage sale this summer.

Tina & Bridget, a Tchotchke is a small trinket or ornament. I do stretch the definition at times. Tina, I may try the gourd hanging near a window. The birds made such a mess on the deck with the feeders - I really need to hunt for a good spot.

Bangchik - thanks for visiting. Never enough memories!

Tut, I'll have to remember that next time I see a cute chicken tchotchke. LOL

Squirrel - I think I need some squirrel tchotckes. One thing I don't have.

Liz- how cool that you went to the Waldorf school! I love to be at the Fellowship Community and visit whenever I can.

Pam J. said...

Tchotchkes LOVE kitchens. It's where they go to be comfortable. Yes, I believe they are animate, or at least they are extensions of the humans who collect them. I have a paper light fixture very much like yours. And boy oh boy do I want those measuring spoons. I found a downside to the Tchotchke Challenge: today alone I've seen two tchotchkes I just have to have. Oh no...I hoped that by highlighting my junk....ahem, I mean my valuable trinkets... I would get rid of some of them. Now I'm thinking about adding to the out-of-control collection.

Pam J. said...

Oh, and about the wonderful word "tchotchke." I've heard it being used, and have used it myself, for many years and in addition to what Jen said about it ("small trinket or ornament") many people would add "useless" or "worthless or "valueless." And those of us who post pictures of our tchotchkes have, I think, broadened the term enormously. Basically, anything we have around the house that's interesting is fair game. We post on the 1st and 15th of each month. Or thereabouts.