Thursday, July 30, 2009

Sun Shines on Hook Mountain Growers

Believe it or not there is a vegetable farm here in our little riverside suburb – it was started by my friends Pamela Yee and Charlie Paolino who founded Hook Mountain Growers just this year. I think they’ll soon be feeding the whole town.

I was struck not only by the variety of things they’re growing, but the creative way they've put it all together. Look at how beautiful the rainbow chard and carrots are in combination.

The dark black and purple leaves of the eggplant look gorgeous with the alyssum planted underneath.I’m looking for a new way to stake my tomatoes. Pam had plenty of suggestions. She’s trying a bunch of different methods to see what works best –

This is called a “Florida trellis.” You can build it up as the height of the plant grows.

This is a husk tomato (or tomatillo?)

So pretty! I gotta try growing this! (I probably said this no less than uhhhh 73 times during my look around)

A local foods potluck.
Pam made these outstanding Tuscan kale “chips”. The kids were gobbling these up.

Hook Mountain carrots and green beans...

If Hook Mountain has a shadow, it’s not falling anywhere near here.

Visit the Hook Mountain website here. If you’re a garden blogger, gourmet cook, veggie grower or interested in the healing properties of plants and nutrition (Pam and Charlie are both MDs), you need to be reading Pam’s journal here.


Lzyjo said...

WOW That garden really is stunning! It's so tidy and the layout is perfect. omg, how to people do it!

tina said...

It's a beautiful garden for sure. That eggplant/alyssum combo is fabulous.

June said...

I aspire to a beautiful garden. Sigh. But right now I'll be happy if I just get some tomatoes. Our tomatillos are coming along nicely. So there is that.

Thanks for taking us to your local food potluck. Those kale chips are our favorite food EVER.

JGH said...

Liz, they are really devoted to it, and it shows, doesn't it?

Tina, I agree. I need to play around more with underplanting and color contrast, I think.

June, this was my first time with the kale chips- can't wait to try them myself. Hope to see some pics of your tomatillos!!