Friday, July 24, 2009


It's been so hard to wait for my vegetables to get ripe - I'm getting really impatient. Since this is my first year growing most things, I wasn't sure what to expect, but I was hoping that more would be ready by the end of July. We've had a very cool, rainy summer so far. The lettuce and herbs are very happy! But the rain has created a big slug haven here. Luckily I haven't had to use any pesticides, but I did break down and get some iron phosphate slug pellets. I tried a beer trap but only got three slugs.

The zucchini suffered the most slug damage. This variety is called "Cashflow".

This year's bean teepee is extra tall. I planted these "Kentucky Wonder" beans late, but they jumped out of the ground.

This is a "burpless" cucumber. I'll be picking it soon. Compared to the other variety I'm growing, this one is especially smooth and shiny, with none of those sharp little nubs on the outside.

These tricolor bush beans were destroyed by deer last week. I put in some more Kentucky Wonders next to the trellis.

These red onions are doing well. I've already cut off a few scallions, leaving the bulb in the dirt. Do you think the cut ones will continue to grow?

I think this might be the Minnesota Midget canteloupe. Lotsa flowers - no fruit so far. Also planted fairly late.

These are either Celebrity or Purple Cherokee. (Obviously if it turns purple, it's the latter!)

Not very hopeful for broccoli. I cut one floret about the size of a quarter,
and there's another one coming about the size of a pea. That's it.

Husky cherry tomatoes. So far (knock wood) my tomatoes have resisted blight. However, there is some evidence that blight has tried unsuccessfully to get a foothold here. I'm trying to avoid spraying anything -- even preventatively -- but am considering some organic antifungal sprays. I think these are going to be gorgeous when they're ripe - Vintage Wine tomatoes.

I pull a carrot out once a week or so to see how they're doing. The biggest one was only 2 inches long!

I can see that this "Lilac" pepper is starting to turn purple!

This is a green bell pepper - not the shape that I anticipated.

These are "Green Envy" edamame. There are about ten plants - a super easy, carefree fun crop.

Well, that's it for my veggie garden for July. Hope to post some harvest photos soon!


Anonymous said...

I know that the waiting is hard - a wet spring put plants in late for us and now a cool summer means ripening is slow going. But it's going - we have more patty pan squash than we can eat, and we get a small pickling cucumber every day or so (DH made bread and butter pickles last week - - yum). Once it all starts you won't be able to keep up.

By the way, mulching the tomatoes helps keep the mosture at a constant level and that is suppose to fend off blight. And remember, organic veggies aren't always the prettiest, but they are the safest.

have fun,

Lorilee said...

I am so jealous that you are still growing veggies. We are well past getting anything out of our garden now! The 100 degree temperatures and drought are not gardening friendly! We are in an "extreme drought situation" as they call it!

Lorilee said...

Ooops! I was also going to tell you that Honey is from our local Adopt-a-pet. She was labeled a mixed red wire-haired terrier.

tut-tut said...

Looking good! I noticed at our community garden that many people put stakes around the garden, then put fishing line around, maybe every 6 inches up from the ground. this may keep deer away. I'll post a picture this week.

Squirrel said...

I made a nice salad out of the greens you gave me and it was delish.


Lzyjo said...

Doesn't it seems like everything takes forever! It was only a few weeks ago that all of my tomatoes were green, this week, pounds and pounds of red ones. I'm starting to get creative with preserving them!

Don't worry everything will ripen and probably all at once. ;) Hopefully August will live up to it's sultry reputation. My cantaloupe was really slow too, only flowers for a long time.

Patience is the hardest part!

June said...

Really beautiful! The slugs ate my Kentucky Wonder beans as they sprouted. I replanted several times, but with all the rain: same thing, same thing. There are a few struggling along, but they are way behind.

You're well on your way to a bountiful harvest...

Bangchik and Kakdah said...

The suspense. The anticipation. The waiting. All are RECIPE of a good movie....

I guess gardeners has to go through all these. But you really do have quite a list of vegetables growing. That I envy very much.. haha.

I like to pick and pluck as I like throughout their life.... baby spinach, medium size spinach and flowering spinach. Its fun that way and I try to avoid one shot complete harvest.

~ bangchik

Pam J. said...

Everything looks good to me! I also have a couple of cantaloupe plants although I didn't plant any seeds---another benefit of composting. Mine are blooming like crazy but, like you, I've seen no fruit yet. Maybe that's normal?

JGH said...

W, Patty pan is so cute - and I bet it could be trellised. Enjoy the pickles!

Lorilee, hope you cool off and get some rain soon.

Tut, curious about the deer fence. How high is it?

Squirrel, the lettuce is getting bitter now:-( - trying different cures.

Liz, thanks for the encouragement. I do need a little pep talk.

June, sorry to hear about your Kentucky Wonders. Does it get any better when they start climbing off the ground?

Bangchik- I did grow a little spiniach early on, but now it's just bolting. I'll try again when it gets a little cooler.

Pam, gotta love those compost volunteers. Sometimes they even alow you to transplant them.

Anonymous said...

You may be feeling the frustration of waiting, but to me, from the photos, your garden looks amazing and abundant.

I'm sure even with the battle of slugs and deer, you will still have many a taste sensation when everything starts ripening.

brigit said...

Whoops, that last comment was from me! The cat decided to join me on the desk - hit my hand as she landed and I pressed something I shouldn't have.

JGH said...

Hey Bridget - I'm picturing you on your deck with a cat and a computer on your lap. Too funny! Thanks for visiting.