Friday, August 21, 2009

Links I Like - Summer Vacation Edition

I’m going to the beach! Here are a few things you might want to read while I’m gone (or not).

1) The Grass Stain Guru explains why it’s good for the kids not to have anything planned once in awhile.

2) Viviane at Food and Style provides recipes for a first-class picnic.

3) The Lazy Mom and “Mrs. PR” on how to properly nag a husband.

4) The Avid Reader digs up some vacation spot gems.

5) The Worst Case Scenario on how to pee by the side of the road.

6) One of my gardening gurus, Barbara Damrosch on gardening as we get older and wiser.

7) A Classic Erma Bombeck column on the importance of clotheslines.

8) Pam at Hook Mountain Growers with some great tomato suggestions.

After vacation, school starts! And we haven't a thing to wear.....


tina said...

Good excuse to go shopping then....see you at Kohls!

Karen said...

What an eclectic and hilarious selection of end-of-summer links! You rock. Hope you have a fun vacation! Can't believe that school is around the corner. We did a school clothes inventory and are pretty set, thankfully. Just have to replace some holey socks, get a raincoat, and hope the weather stays warmish to get a little more use out of all the shorts and tank tops!

balmeras said...

Thanks so much for linking to my blog, The Grass Stain Guru! Hope you are having a great vacation -- I LOVE the feeling of wet sand between my toes.

Cheers- Bethe @balmeras

Frances said...

Hope you had/are having a glorious time! Thanks for the reading list, Ms. English teacher, it looks joyous as well. :-)

Anonymous said...

No--I'd rather read you! Miss ya!

Lzyjo said...

Thank you for the wonderful reading material, I really enjoyed it while you were gone. I hope you had a fantastic time and that things are too hectic, (if that is at all possible!)

Darla said...

Just checking out the way gardeners use bottles in their gardens from Tina's post for today.

Anonymous said...

Jen! Have a great time and a million thanks for the mention. You are really the best!
Hope you get to have many a good picnic on your vacation... :)