Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Certified Nursery Distributors

If you need 27 date palms, who you gonna call? Ross Giunta. He's the guy in the Crocs and seersucker shirt. He is also my Dad and owner of Certifed Nursery Distributors in Palmetto Florida. If he doesn't have the plants you need, he knows where to get them.

Wendy finds lots of interesting ways to display the plants.

They have some Brown Turkey figs for sale!

This 4 and a half acre property used to be part of a sugar cane plantation.

The best tasting bananas I've ever had grow wild here.

Any guesses when this old weathered shed was built?

Dad is almost ready to retire and this nursery is for sale!

Contact him at the number below if you're interested - you can ask about the palm trees, too.

Certified Nursery Distributors

3312 21st Street Ct E

Palmetto, Florida 34221

(941) 729- 5922


June said...

What a great opportunity for someone. It looks like a lot of love has gone into that business. Tell us more about that shed...please!

Lzyjo said...

WOW! I had no idea your dad was/is in the nursery business! I guess green thumbs run in the family! That shed looks kind of like a slave house, although probably too new. There are a lot of salve houses around here. Split side log cabins, about the size of a sheds.

Frances said...

How cool to have an avid gardener as a Dad! I love those fig trees and the bananas are amazing. I hope he gets top dollar for the business and can retire and garden in the lap of luxury! :-)

our friend Ben said...

Hi Jen! As Frances says, how cool! The nursery looks incredible, and how I envy you all those bananas! I hope you had some when you were down there!

Gail said...

Jen, It has been years since I've tasted a really good banana! Your wild ones made me wonder if they were the taste I remembered...sigh. It is way cool that the nursery business was in your family. Are you ever tempted to run one? gail

tina said...

Cool nursery. And to think it used to be a plantation!