Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Dog Beach

Miss B. went on vacation with us. She was carried on the plane and visited with my Dad's dogs Tillie (a white Lab) and Peanut (a Maltese) while we were in Florida. This is Tillie.
And this is Peanut.
As soon as I walked into the house, Tillie would start barking. She loves walks and would give a little leap of excitement when she saw that I had her leash in my hand. Once all three were hooked up, and I grabbed some doggy disposal bags, we were off. Tillie knew just where she wanted to go - the "dog beach" area around the corner from my dad's house.
Tillie is twelve years old and loves to swim.
The little guys would take a jog down the beach, but Tillie never left the water.
Ok, time to go, Tillie.
(She's pretending not to hear me.)

Hey, Ma, we're ready to go! When is Tillie gonna get out?
Oh, all RIGHT already!

Now that she's out, the question becomes whether she will be able to get up the steps. We take it slow. Sometimes she needs help.

She made it!!Time to go roll in the grass.


our friend Ben said...

Awwww!!! How totally adorable! I'm hoping Shiloh can accompany us to the North Carolina shore next year without terrifying (or barreling into) the 90-year-old family patriarch. Tillie, Peanut and Miss B. were clearly having the time of their lives!

Lzyjo said...

OMG! So cute!!! That looks like SO much fun! Gorgeous!

Frances said...

Oh how charming! Bless that Tillie, loving the water, it probably makes her joints feel so good. The little ones are adorable too. So cute! :-)