Sunday, October 25, 2009

Fall at Tallman Mountain

How do you know when fall color is peaking in the Hudson Valley? The trees that had leaves on them yesterday are suddenly bare.

And the trees that were green yesterday are suddenly on fire.

No one in my family was interested in coming with me to Tallman Mountain in Sparkill. Except for Miss B., that is. She's game for anything.

Tallman Mountain is a state park - one of the 16 that makes up the Palisades Interstate Park system along the Hudson north of the George Washington Bridge. It's on 9W just south of Piermont.

I'd visited this park before at other times of the year and remember thinking that it must look beautiful here in the fall.

My favorite part of the park is the North Picnic Area, because of it's awesome view of the Hudson River.

The canoe paths through the Piermont Marsh are clearly visible.

Picnickers can find a table overlooking the Palisades on the river.

Not long ago there were reports that cougars were seen at Tallman Park. None were seen today.

I love the old stone restrooms.

What year do you think this water fountain was installed?

Is fall color peaking where you are?

I just joined the Fall Colour Project at Dave's blog, The Home Garden. Go visit there for links to more amazing color around the world!


azplantlady said...


Fall has not peaked yet. I have seen some leaves begin to turn, but not too many.

I enjoyed your beautiful photos. The views of the river are so beautiful.

Gail said...

Fall doesn't peak the same here as it does in NY! We get some nice color but, not the reds that some parts of the world get. Thanks for the tour...I loved the park and think the view of the Hudson River is fantastic.

Joanne said...

What a beautiful park, some of the photos almost look like they're out of a fairy tale! I'm surprised that I don't see other leaf-peepers out and about there. The colors here have been amazing too. They say the rainy summer helped promote the brilliant foliage color, a benefit of the rain, I guess (though my tomatoes were not happy!)

I'd guess 1972 on the water fountain.

our friend Ben said...

Wow, foliage AND water! What a great outing, Jen! (Miss B. certainly seemed to be enjoying it, too.) The stone restroom is classic! It gives the park even more distinctive personality!

nesting melly said...

so funny you said that, i always think i am going to run into those cougars when we go hiking near clausland!

Pam J. said...

We're peaking here in the DC area too. I also love those old stone restrooms! What emotional cord (chord?) do those kinds of places hit in our brains? Great shots.

Proud Procrastinator said...

Looks like a great trip for the Rockland Ramblers! Whatever happened to them?

Martha said...

What a gorgeous place. The stones are so wonderful together with the leaves. We don't have colorful leaves or stones on the Gulf Coast. Thank you for letting me enjoy them vicariously.

Anonymous said...

Oh thanks for taking us along. We are also game for anything! What a view, it would be hard to leave. We have peaked here in SE TN I believe. What was the most colorful is now bare and what was green is ablaze, great criteria! :-)

Kylee from Our Little Acre said...

We've just peaked here in NW Ohio and now the leaves are all falling off. Sooooooo much raking to do!

Beautiful images you've shown here! Thanks for sharing them!

Brian Miller said...

the beauty of all the colors!

tina said...

It looks wonderful! Miss B is a great companion too. So glad you shared the fall color and that lake is beautiful. So peaceful and serene.

Catherine@AGardenerinProgress said...

What pretty colors you found, beautiful park. What a cute dog, glad she wanted to join you.

nanny said...

Beautiful, beautiful colors! Great pictures!

Catskill Snap said...

Must brave the possibility of wild cat activity and visit this park!

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