Thursday, October 22, 2009

Wendy Won!

Wendy of Crickleberry Cottage Conversations was the fourth commenter (chosen by the S. man) and so she is the winner of the “100 Heartbeats” book by Jeff Corwin that I gave away last week for Climate Change day.
In addition to being an amazing mother and blogger, Wendy is one of the most active and generous members of our Freeshare community. Freeshare is an internet service that helps you get rid of your old junk by giving it to neighbors who might need it. You just post a description of your unwanted item to the newsgroup and local respondents can arrange to come to your house and pick it up. What can be better than having someone pick up your old junk and keeping it out of the landfill at the same time? Or getting something you need for free from one of your neighbors? (Or not having to waste energy having a garage sale and only making $13 after you've paid for the expensive newspaper ad!?)

I just discovered Wendy’s blog which features lots of beautiful photos and musings – absolutely check it out, along with her Etsy shop that features the kind of pretty vintage stuff I love. Congratulations, Wendy and thanks to all who commented!
The past week or so has been so busy at work. I haven't been able to blog, visit blogs, comment on blogs or do much of anything that doesn't involve returning emails to nervous publicists. Until I can get back in the swing, I thought I'd share a few shots I took today.

I stayed in Manhattan last night and walked outside this morning to the most picture perfect day I've seen in a long time. People were smiling at each other and you could tell everyone was savoring what might be our last warm breezy day before the chill kicks in. There were still a few flowers blooming on 42nd Street.

Back in Nyack, the backyard is busy coloring up. Miss B. has a few leaves to contend with when she's chasing her toys.

There was a breathtaking sunset over Rockland this evening.


tina said...

Wow! Very pretty yellow leaves. Time for raking for sure. It looks the same here. Congrats to Wendy!

Joanne said...

I just love the rich colors this time of year, they're so comforting. I guess they evoke feelings of home, a good meal simmering, a fire in the fireplace. We've had a run of great weather this Autumn week, that's for sure.

our friend Ben said...

Ha!!! Miss B is definitely in her element (as always), Jen! Thanks for the gorgoeus photo montage, and congrats to Wendy. Hope things slwo down a bit soon!

Talon said...

Lovely photos and the sunset one is stunning! Hope you have a nice relaxing weekend and get to kick up some of those beautiful leaves.

Congrats to Wendy!

Pam J. said...

"I stayed in Manhattan last night and walked outside this morning ...." Do you KNOW how much I envy you?? Do ya KNOW?! I'm not particularly well-traveled but I've seen some beauty in this country and I'll tell you what...if I could only go one last place before I shuffled off this mortal coil I'd head for Manhattan.

Wendy McDonagh-Valentine said...

Well you just made my day!! Thank you for all of the wonderful words, Jen!! I'm truly blushing!! : ) That picture of the sunset is just gorgeous!!! Don't we have the prettiest skies around here? I am always pointing out the sky to my family. Thank you so much for sharing that pic with us. :)

~ Wendy