Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Our Scariest Chicken Day Yet

I don't know if it was scariest for me, Miss B. or the chickens, but I think it's safe to say we were all rattled afterwards. 

We were getting in the car for the drive to school when I heard Miss B. barking in the backyard in the vicinity of the coop.  Thinking it might be an invading varmint, I ran back there to see what was up.   The chickens had escaped the run and were just outside the fence.  Miss B. had them cornered and was barking her head off, while the chickens cowered, huddled together, pressed against the chicken wire. 

She could have totally mangled them!  But she didn't.  Instead she 1) Rounded them up and prevented them from escaping into the backyard  2) Resisted any temptation she might have felt to dig her teeth into them and 3) Warned me by barking.  That's my girl!

Thinking back, I had heard Miss B. barking back there for at least 5 minutes before I found this whole scene.  I figured she was barking at a squirrel, which wouldn't have been unusual.  They say that dogs with a strong "prey drive" shouldn't be around chickens.  I'm thinking maybe Miss B.'s is not that strong.   Same thing with kittens and skunks --she loves to chase, but won't attack, and is quick to guard my stuff.  Anyone trying to pick my purse, shoes or jacket up off the floor is risking her wrath. I hope it's the same for anyone trying to make off with my birds!


TALON said...

Awww! Miss B is a sweetheart and obviously knows the chickens are important to you. How neat is that? I love dogs. I bet Miss B got a special treat after all that chicken herding! :)

Lorilee said...

Good Job Miss B!

Ronda Laveen said...

Good girl, Miss B. Here...have an extra biscuit tonight.

Joanne said...

I hereby nominate Miss B Hero Of The Day. Raising my coffee cup in a celebratory toast :)

patti said...

Oh, DEAR. This reminded me of best friend's chicken tragedy.

Dear Lacy, my namesake, lost her life to a hungry hawk.

Glad you had a better outcome.

Am DEFINITELY TODAY forwarding your addy to friend.

Love this place,

Carol said...

What a good doggie! Miss B. is surely a born chicken dog herder. Lucky you and the chickens too. ;>)

PamHMG said...

2 of the 3 of my dogs would have mangled the chickens. Did know Miss B has sheepdog in her!

tina said...

You were very lucky indeed. I have a friend whose dog did some damage to one of her chickens. Not fun. Miss B is a good girl.

Guinnah said...

what a good girl! Not sure how our bird dog vizslas would have reacted (actually, I'm a little certain but hopeful that they would recognize the chickens as being important). They cornered a fox on a walk the other day but no one (fox, dog or human) was injured! Glad you had a good outcome.

Jingle said...

your dog is cute,
lovely pet for a proper owner!
Happy Day Ahead!

Anonymous said...

she's a smart dog who can tell a pet from an entree.

Anna/Flowergardengirl said...

That is the sweetest thing ever--love this story. Not surprised your dog loves you so much.