Friday, February 4, 2011

Really Missing Florida

Just when things start to melt and we think we can come up for air we get pounded again.  The photo to the right was taken on my phone on my way to work the other day. Pretty much sums up the lapses in sanitation, dirty snow, parking problems and general slogging of a typical commute. 

This is the time of year that I miss Florida the most.  It’s always fun to take off your boots only to step into a puddle of water from snow that has melted off of someone else’s boot a few feet away and have to change your socks.  Or to discover that your favorite boots won’t zip up anymore.  Or find  that your dog has decided that she doesn’t want to brave the deep snow and is doing her business on the deck instead.  And these are just the boot gripes!   I never even wore boots when I lived in Florida.

That is not to say that we are totally without beauty here in the Northeast. Sometimes the snow sticks and sometimes it sticks around. 

Each plant has a unique way of being enhanced by snowfall.

I like guessing what critters have been scooting across


I can tell a stepping cat from a running cat. And a bluejay from a sparrow. 

A Fraidy Cat

And something did happen today that made me smile.  Stella laid her first egg!  A lovely rosey beige color.

Go Stella!
We also got our first egg from Goldi in almost 2 months.  So there may be more souffles in our future.  Since egg laying is dependent on the number of daylight hours, I wonder if the production surge has anything to do with it being Groundhog or Candlemas Day -- the day halfway between the winter solstice and the spring equinox. 

I’m sure you have your own list of winter discontents.  Feel free to gripe in the comments section. 


TALON said...

Yay for Stella! The eggs are beautiful. I bet they taste even better than they look!

Your photos are wonderful.

Oh, I have a list of snow gripes, but the top of my list is the snow puddles in the house that you overlook when using the millionth towel to dry up the floors after the dogs come back in for the millionth time...and, yes, I hate getting a cold wet sock! UGH! And I always step in these invisible bodies of water before I can get to my slippers! :(

I can see why you miss Florida, JGH!

Malay-Kadazan girl said...

Thumbs up for Stella! Everything look so pure and serene in the snow.

Kitt said...

Hooray for eggs!

You have my sympathies on the snow. Everyone thinks Colorado has bad winters, but the Northeast is always what gets slammed repeatedly.

LazyMom said...

It's snowing again!
I did wish there was a complete melt and then new snow on top of dirty, hard ice.

Joanne said...

This is the first winter when we've actually had to shovel snow off of our roof. Other winters have had plenty of snowfall, but it's odd how this year there are so many roof collapses in the news. And now they're predicting what's being called a "blockbuster" for Thursday. Get ready :/

mayberry said...

Oh, my winter gripes are legion! But how cheering to get such pretty eggs.

Deb Guattery said...

Jenny, the pictures are beautiful, but the eggs are spectacular. what a wonderful surprise for the day. Enjoy. Oh and the I really liked the cabbage in the mason jar photo

meemsnyc said...

Seriously, I'm with you. I'm so sick of this snow, this dirty snow! That's so great that you got the first egg from Stella. Do you have photos of your chicken coop on this blog? My husband and I want to raise bantams. We are going to build a coop this summer.

Pam J. said...

The eggs are wonderful! Stelllllllllaaaaaa (in the voice of Marlon Brando). Oh that NYC snow. Here's a winter-discontent-by-proxy: My daughter (who lives a few blocks from where you work) is home for the weekend, and she was just telling me today how often, while walking to school, she steps on what she thinks is just ice only to find her foot breaking through the ice into a hole of freezing water. And she's still hearing cars trying to get out of parking spaces in the middle of the night with tires spinning hopelessly in ice pits. But -- and here's one reason I love that city -- she says people always show up to help someone push the car out. "Who are these people up at 3 AM and willing to help strangers with their cars?" she casually asks. "New Yorkers," say I. It's why the city (mostly) works. People are willing to help out 24/7.

Pix E. said...

i have no gripes -- i went up to the catskills for more snow! lovely photos!

Pix E. said...

ooh congrats on egg too!